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Roger Stone: Trump Will Win One-Third of Sanders Supporters

by Roger Stone

By Trent Baker

Veteran political strategist was a guest Sunday on John Catsimatidis’ New York AM 970 radio show “The Cats Roundtable,” and the two discussed presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s future in the general election.

“Look, I think Bernie Sanders has to get some of the credit for this. In essence he’s the outsider in the Democratic Party. In some ways, he and Trump have a great deal in common, particularly their rejection of these enormous globalist trade deals like NAFTA and TPP and TPA, that either have, or will, destroy the U.S. job market,” Stone, a former Trump adviser, said.

“I think that gives Trump a real entrée to almost a third of Bernie’s supporters in a general election,” he then added. “I don’t mean his hard-left, ultra-liberal supporters, but I mean the blue-collar Democrats in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York who feel left behind by the new world order economy, who realize that the manufacturing base in this country has been destroyed by these internationalist deals.”

“So Trump, I think, can build on what Bernie has achieved,” Stone predicted.

See the full interview here: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/05/15/roger-stone-trump-will-win-one-third-of-bernie-sanders-supporters/

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by Roger Stone


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Trump hires the best pollster in the GOP

by Roger Stone

By Marc Caputo

After calling pollsters a waste of money, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign reversed course and signed up veteran political strategist and pollster Tony Fabrizio, sources tell POLITICO.

Fabrizio has worked on numerous presidential elections. He is also a top strategist for the Florida U.S. Senate campaign of Rep. Ron DeSantis, masterminded Gov. Rick Scott’s improbable Florida win in 2010 and was pollster for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin in his 2015 win. Scott and Bevin share a common bond with Trump: They were both outsider businessmen who bucked the establishment.

Rumored for more than a month, Fabrizio’s hiring still came as a surprise to those who have listened to Trump boast that he doesn’t employ pollsters. Trump has questioned the value of paying for them when so many polls are published each day in the media — and framed that as part of his outsider appeal.

“I don’t have pollsters. I don’t want to waste money on pollsters,” he told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd last August, adding, “I don’t want to be unreal. I want to be me. I have to be me.”

But Fabrizio, who couldn’t be reached for comment, is more than a pollster, according to those who have worked with him and marveled at the accuracy of his surveys and messaging. Steve Schale, longtime Florida strategist and Obama campaign adviser, say Fabrizio’s a bad hire — for Democrats.

“Tony is flat-out one of the smartest dudes I know. He proved it with Rick Scott — much to my personal detriment, he knows how to take a deeply flawed candidate and sell them to the voters,” Schale said. “If I was a Republican running for President or dogcatcher, I’d want him in my corner.”
In hiring Fabrizio, a Fort Lauderdale resident , Trump has access to the state’s most sought-after Republican pollster and adviser. If Trump loses Florida, he more than likely loses his shot at the White House. Considering the high stakes and high quality of Fabrizio’s work, his acquisition by the Trump campaign was seen as a no-brainer.

“This is the best deal Trump ever made,” said Chip Englander, former campaign manager for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign, for which Fabrizio polled earlier this year. “Tony is a superstar.” Unlike many Republicans, Fabrizio refrained from taking direct personal shots at Trump during the primary.

Still, when he worked for Paul in August of 2015, he poked fun at Trump’s bad poll numbers with Hispanics and chided statistics guru Nate Silver on Twitter by saying “how dare you question the power of the great Donald of Oz???” He also praised a George Will Washington Post column that bashed Trump and said Fox News’ personality Megyn Kelly’s career would last longer than Trump’s.

After Paul dropped out, Fabrizio began advocating for Trump on Twitter.

Like Trump, Fabrizio knows how to leverage controversy by playing rough. He was one of the masterminds behind the infamous Willie Horton ad that portrayed Democrat Michael Dukakis as soft on crime in the 1988 presidential elections against George H. W. Bush.

“We knew people would go crazy,” Fabrizio told The Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times in a 2011 interview. “The networks had wanted to throw us off air, but we already paid them $1 million to run the ad. How many hundreds of millions of free air time did we get?”

In a twist, Fabrizio in 2011 told Trump he wouldn’t work on his presidential campaign if he ran in 2012. Fabrizio, courted by other campaigns, worked for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign instead.

Over the decades, Fabrizio has worked for presidential candidates Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, Perry and Paul; for former senators Connie Mack of Florida, Al D’Amato of New York and Bob Bennett of Utah; and for former governors Bob Riley of Alabama, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mike Foster of Louisiana. He has also advised the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and numerous political committees.

A Brooklyn native, Fabrizio grew up on Long Island and now lives in Fort Lauderdale near another transplanted New Yorker, fellow political operative Roger Stone, a top Trump associate and backer whom Fabrizio met in 1978. Through Stone, Fabrizio met Trump adviser Paul Manafort in the 1990s and the two have worked together on numerous projects. Manfort began advocating for Fabrizio’s hiring soon after he joined Trump’s campaign in March.

As Manafort was hired, Stone was coming back into the Trump campaign’s good graces. In August, Stone parted ways with the campaign when it refused to hire a pollster. Trump didn’t need a pollster after all, however Trump’s general-election prospects have necessitated beefing up his team.

While working for Trump, Fabrizio will stay on the campaign of Rep. DeSantis, according to his senate campaign manager, Brad Herold, who called Fabrizio “one of the smartest minds in Republican politics.” Brian Hughes, campaign manager for one of DeSantis’ rivals, Todd Wilcox, said the impact of Fabrizio shouldn’t be underestimated by Democrats.

“The addition of Tony Fabrizio demonstrates a level of gravitas and political sophistication that should make Democrats lose sleep,” Hughes said. “Tony’s strategic expertise will yield a state by state plan that wins the White House and defends the down ballot races. If you doubt it, go read the archives in Florida from 2010.”

Read more at http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/florida/2016/05/8599300/trump-hires-top-pollster-and-former-scott-adviser-tony-fabrizio

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Trump insider: Lewandowski ‘overselling’ role in VP search

by Roger Stone

By Jerome Corsi

NEW YORK – Contrary to a Washington Post report, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is not leading Trump’s search for a running mate, according to campaign insiders.

The Post cited two unnamed Republicans on Tuesday who claimed Lewandowski is in charge of the vetting team, but Trump insider Roger Stone told the Chicago Tribune that Lewandowski is “overselling” his role in the VP search.

“He’s crowing about the responsibility of a clerk,” Stone told the paper. “This kind of self-aggrandizement doesn’t serve the candidate well.”

Lewandowski declined to comment to the Tribune.

Trump is the only one in charge, Stone insisted, noting the candidate will “interview everyone who’s a serious contender.”

“That’s why the choice will be outside the box. I think it’ll be daring.”

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Trump himself, in an Associated Press interview Wednesday, downplayed the assertion that Lewandowski was playing the lead role in the search, saying it’s being carried out by “a group” that includes him and former GOP presidential rival Ben Carson.

“Honestly, we’re all running it,” he said. “It’s very much a group effort.”

WND received no response to an email inquiry to Lewandowski and Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks, asking for clarification of Lewandowski’s role in the VP search and in talks with the Republican National Committee regarding the convention.

Lewandowski ‘humbled to be on the team’

On Monday, Robert Costa reported in the Washington Post that Lewandowski will “oversee” the vice-presidential search.

“Lewandowski, Trump’s traveling confident and campaign manager, will be in charge of the team that will survey and vet potential vice-presidential candidates for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, two top Republicans said,” Costa wrote, siting two anonymous sources supposedly familiar with Lewandowski’s responsibilities.

“Lewandowski formally took charge of the hunt for a running mate last week and has been described inside and outside the campaign as the point person for all related questions and meetings, the Republicans said,” Costa continued.

On Tuesday, Ben Kamisar in the Hill echoed the Post’s reporting, saying Lewandowski “will helm” Trump’s search for a running mate.

In a Tuesday evening appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News television show, Hannity introduced Lewandowski as Trump’s pick to lead the search for vice president.

But in the interview, Lewandowski appeared to back off from Hannity’s description, insisting only that he was “humbled to be on the team” conducting the search for Trump.

Lewandowski heading Trump’s RNC talks?

On April 22, Bloomberg reported a “secret meeting” took place between Trump adviser Paul Manafort and RNC head Reince Priebus at the RNC spring meeting in Florida. Bloomberg suggested that Trump planned to work with the RNC, despite campaign rhetoric charging the GOP primary and convention rules were “rigged” against Trump.

There was no mention in the Bloomberg report that Lewandowski attended the RNC meeting between Manafort and Priebus.

On Sunday, Politico reported “senior Trump aides,” including Lewandowski, Manafort and political director Rick Wiley were meeting with top RNC officials to work out details of a final fundraising agreement.

While the Politico article listed Lewandowski first, there was no suggestion in the report that Lewandowski was leading the discussions.

The Politico article published Sunday further reported the conversations “are also partly an effort to lay the groundwork for a Thursday meeting in Washington including Trump, Priebus and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced last Thursday that he is withholding his endorsement until Trump outlines a stronger commitment to conservative principles.”

On Monday, CBS reported that Lewandowski attended the RNC meeting along with Manafort and Wiley, adding that newly appointed deputy campaign manager Michael Glassner also attended.

Glassner’s political credits include senior adviser to Sen. Bob Dole from January 1986 though January 2001, working on George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign and acting as top adviser to vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin in 2008.

Lewandowski vs. Manafort: Who’s in charge?

Last week, WND reported Trump insiders accused Lewandowski of micromanaging the appointment of Steven Mnuchin, a Wall Street veteran who worked for 17 years with Goldman Sachs, as campaign finance chairman. The insiders said the process was designed to keep Mnuchin’s candidacy from Manafort, who was actively pursuing other candidates, believing he had been appointed by Trump to nominate the campaign’s finance chairman.

Manafort is a GOP presidential campaign veteran who began managing Ronald Reagan’s convention delegate operation in 1976.

The opponents of Lewandowski within Trump’s campaign charge the campaign manager is isolating Trump, much as John Erlichman and H. R. Haldeman isolated President Richard Nixon to his detriment during the Watergate scandal.

The internal struggle appears to have begun almost from the first moments Manafort was hired by Trump to manage his delegate operation. The hire came in April after it became apparent that Trump might not gain the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention.

CNN reported April 7 that the loss of the Wisconsin primary and the delegate gains made by Sen. Ted Cruz led to a campaign shake-up in which Manafort would be playing an expanded role beyond managing Trump’s delegate operation, with Lewandowski playing “a shrinking role” as campaign manager.

CBS correspondent Major Garrett reported that after Manafort was hired, Lewandowski was “reduced to a role that amounts to body man and scheduler.”

Politico reported in April that Trump, bristling at efforts by Manafort to make him appear more “presidential,” was taking steps “to return some authority to Manafort’s chief internal rival,” Lewandowski.

Lewandowski was at the center of controversy in March when then-Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields pressed misdemeanor battery charges alleging he grabbed her arm during a Trump press conference in Jupiter, Florida, on March 8. Last month, Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg decided not to prosecute Lewandowski, explaining he didn’t have enough to bring the case.

His political credits include working as an administrative assistant to Rep. Robert Ney, R-Ohio, before the congressman was convicted of corruption charges in the Jack Abramoff scandal and working as campaign manager and communications director for Sen. Bob Smith, R-N.H., in his unsuccessful 2002 re-election bid.

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Partners in Crime.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/trump-insider-lewandowski-overselling-role-in-vp-search/#RfymeK7Ct8Rpq0lm.99

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