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Atlantic Magazine Smears President Trump For Denigrating Foreign Serviceman + Women – Which Never Happened

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The Iraq war cost far too many American families the lives of their loved ones.Pushing that war was the corporate media, made of metropolitan elitists selling lies to the public on why their family members had to fight and die overseas.

Jeffrey Goldberg is one of those corporate media pushers. Goldberg, who Glenn Greenwald referred to as “one of the planet’s most unreliable reporters,” played a leading role in convincing Americans that Saddam was allied with al-Qaeda.

Using anonymous sources, Goldberg wrote a story for The New Yorker claiming “the relationship between Saddam’s regime and ­al-Qaeda is far closer than previously thought.” In 2004, two years too late, his story was proven false by a CIA report. Fast-forward to 2020, and Goldberg is now the editor-in-chief of The Atlantic. That’s the magazine spreading the story that the president badmouthed World War I veterans.

Jeffrey Goldberg is still pushing for endless and senseless wars. Donald Trump is the first president in 30 years to favor peace and not start a new war. Goldberg wants to elect Biden, a war hawk that helped create disasters in Syria and Libya.

Goldberg is counting on the public to believe his unnamed sources once again. The last time America relied on Goldberg’s anonymous sources, they were not only proven false, they sent far too many brave American soldiers to die based on a lie, popularized by Goldberg.

Goldberg’s source back then was a jailed drug trafficker provided by Kurdish intelligence. That same Kurdish communist militia, when recently made responsible by President Trump, responded with curses for the departing American forces that had protected them. In 2002, Dick Cheney used Goldberg’s report — fueled by this anonymous, imprisoned Kurdish drug dealer — as cause for sending American troops to Iraq.

One of the biggest lies in history — that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction — was pushed on to the American public by Jeffrey Goldberg and his “intelligence” sources.

“The possibility that Saddam could supply weapons of mass destruction to anti-American terror groups is a powerful argument among advocates of ‘regime change,’ as the removal of Saddam is known in Washington,” wrote Goldberg, citing a German intelligence agent.

In his autobiography, Goldberg admits to telling lies to cover for political violence that he approves. As a prison guard, Goldberg’s friend beat an inmate bloody, and Goldberg admitted to lying to cover up the crime. “I found another military policeman and handed off the wobbling prisoner, who was by now bleeding on me. ‘He fell,’ I lied.”

Goldberg’s story is already falling apart with his new tale of the president supposedly badmouthing veterans at a French cemetery. Even John Bolton, who (since being fired) publicly despises President Trump, stated Goldberg’s story is false.

“I don’t know who told the author that, but that was false, and I recounted that in my book,” said Bolton.

Jeffrey Goldberg: A media cretin who spews lies so odious that Trump-hating Bolton feels compelled to rebuke them. Everyone knows that Trump, having been a major public figure for decades, always expresses support and admiration for American troops.

Jeffrey Goldberg lied about the reasons for war in Iraq, and he’s lying now about President Trump.

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