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Early in the week I was overheard in a New York restaurant saying that Barbara Bush drank so much booze that if they cremated her, her body would burn for three days. When this comment became public there was a virtual firestorm from the mainstream media. Jake Tapper had a virtual hissy fit.

In fact, Barbara Bush was not the saint that is being depicted in the fawning media coverage surrounding her passing. Based on my own experience she was a vindictive, nasty and entitled woman. After I managed the successful Republican Primary campaign of Ronald Reagan over George Bush, in the New York and New Jersey Primaries while fighting George Bush to a standstill in my native Connecticut and after Bush had become Vice President I had occasion to introduce myself to Mrs. Bush in a White House receiving line. “Mrs. Bush, I am Roger Stone”, I said. “Oh yes” she said, “I know who you are. I hate you.” So much for Barbara Bush being Mother Teresa.

This is the same Barbara Bush who was well enough to campaign in New Hampshire for her son “Low Energy” Jeb Bush but was too frail to travel to Nancy Reagan’s funeral. This is after Ronald Reagan breathed political life back into the career of George H.W. Bush, who had lost two campaigns for the US Senate in Texas, as well as being drubbed for the 1980 Republican Presidential Nomination.

Those who follow me here at Stonecoldtruth.com or who watch my show at Infowars know that I don’t mince words and that my political commentary can be pungent and provocative and that I eschew the phoniness and correctness of current political coverage.

Nonetheless, may Barbara Bush Rest In Peace.

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