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brenda snipes

The conduct of the recent Republican Primary in the 23rd Congressional district by Broward County Board of Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes is an abomination. It has been established in the courts that Snipes destroyed evidence of fraud in the 2016 Democratic Primary between Deborah Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova.

This same pattern of corruption has now surfaced in the conduct of the recent Republican Primary. Multiple candidates for three different offices found that their names were not listed on the ballot in certain precincts. In some precincts, the number of Republican voters exceeded the number of registered Republicans. To date, the Broward Board of Elections has been unable to produce a tally of the absentee ballots.

The nomination of Joe Kaufman, clearly the weakest challenger to Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz is suspect given that he waged virtually no campaign. Now Snipes and the Broward County Board of Elections are stonewalling requests for documents and records which they are legally required to produce under Florida’s Sunshine Laws. Don’t be surprised if these records end up being “missing” as was the case in the Canova-Wasserman Schultz Primary.

Brenda Snipes is conceivably the single most corrupt and incompetent public official in the state of Florida. If public records prove the allegations I have laid out here or if they are suddenly “missing” Governor Rick Scott needs to remove Snipes before she can corrupt the General Election.

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