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Stone Cold Truth Roger Stone

FBI Director James Comey testified that the FISA warrant application for surveillance of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page was based on ” a broad mosaic of information. The documents released on Friday prove this is a lie. The only basis for the authorization of spying on Page is the bogus “dossier” conjured up by Hillary Clinton and paid for by the Democratic National Committee.

The FBI tried to insinuate that the application was also justified by a story written by Michael Isikoff for Yahoo.com, hoping we will forget that Isikoff’s “reporting” is entirely based on the copy of the same dossier the FBI leaked to him! Can you say “shill’?

Criminal schemer Rod Rosenstein who approved the extension of what he knew was a fraudulent application managed to redact 300 of 400 pages but to no avail. The lies he has been stonewalling to protect have been exposed, and he is done. It’s only a matter of time.

The release of the secret October 2016 Carter Page FISA Court surveillance warrant application may have been long-delayed and heavily-redacted, but the fatal blow it portends for the Obama-Clinton Democrat criminal cover-up underway since the 2016 election is written all through its blacked-out pages.

From Adam Schiff to James Comey to the entire supporting cast of deceitful hoax peddlers and political saboteurs who form the Clinton-Obama axis of corruption, we now know all of these people are nothing but brazen manipulative deceivers- and that they created a phony Russian collusion investigation into Donald Trump to distract public attention to their crime.

The use of FISA warrants to spy on Page, Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort and myself ( (according to the New York Times on January 20, 2017) is nothing less than the illegitimate use of the power, authority and capability of the State to spy on the Republican presidential campaign, stunning abuse of power that makes Watergate look like a …..”second-rate burglary”.

Rogue FBI Agents Peter Stzrok’s text messages saying this was a “WH operation” and they note that ” the President wants to know everything shows that as the old Italian proverb says ” a fish rots from its head.” What did Obama know and when did he know it?

We now know that they hijacked our entire political landscape for nearly two years for nothing more virtuous than covering up their corruption and shielding themselves from exposure as the criminal autocrats they are.


But even worse than their corruption and criminality is that rather than let their secret campaign of sedition and unparalleled power abuse simply fade into the annals of American political secrets, these arrogant criminals doubled down and saw it as their divine mission to frame Donald Trump and his supporters, to vindicate themselves.

This application document is the kernel of what we can now see was a systematic political espionage operation conducted against Donald Trump by the corrupt Obama-Clinton DOJ and Democrat partisan apparatchiks, before, during and after the fact.

We can now see in bold what lying frauds and manipulators these sanctimonious Obama-Clinton Democrat hucksters are, who brazenly and militantly deceived the American public with a total pack of lies to cover-up the single most coordinated, corrupt and megalomaniacal abuse of power by cynical partisan degenerates in American history.

It is easy to see now why the Democrat, Deep State leftists, have been so ruthless and maniacal about pushing their Russian collusion hoax distraction and framing President Donald Trump with anything possible to retroactively justify a partisan spying operation criminally hatched by the Obama federal government against a presidential candidate and his campaign in the midst of the most contentious American election in modern times.

This is the beginning of the end for this compromised cabal of criminal over-reachers who infested American politics for eight long years under the snooty nose of Barack Hussein Obama. This is the start of the great unraveling of the Obama-Clinton Democrat corruption cover-up and the greatest political scandal America has ever seen.

John Brennan accused the president of treason, a capital crime in this country. Brennan and his cohorts who participated in this plot would be wise to reconsider their lunatic rhetorical war against the president of the United States.

Donald Trump has shown incredible patience and reserve, in the face of a seditious hoax run by a pack of criminal political animals. If they think he is going to put up with their smarmy, corrupt game-playing for much longer before he drops the federal hammer on them, they are as sorely mistaken as they were in thinking he was some political pushover.

Introducing the death penalty into any conversation involving a corrupt president is a hazard for the Obama sycophants and minions, not anyone associated with President Donald Trump. Though he has been hiding out for the last 18 months and, for some odd reason, seems to like to spend a lot of his time out of the country (and the reach of those with subpoena power looking into what went on in his DOJ during election 2016) Barack Obama is the only corrupt president that Brennan should be worried about. And, frankly, so should Barack Obama himself.

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