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Comey Firing

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By Roger Stone

While many of today’s pundits are either applauding or decrying President Trump’s remarkable firing of FBI Director James Comey, there are a few points, perhaps missed by some, that I would like you to consider:

• Donald Trump demonstrated decisiveness: Many loyalists had become disheartened by the log jam that President Trump has encountered, and were starting to lose faith. Their Faith has been renewed!

• Donald Trump demonstrated cohesion: No one in the Establishment saw it coming. News of the Comey Firing would be Leak Priority One, yet no leaks occurred. Does this mean that Donald Trump has finally identified and quarantined all the leakers? Looks like it!

• Donald Trump demonstrated inscrutability: Prior administrations, especially the Obama administration, made it a hallmark to telegraph their positions and upcoming actions, many times as a ‘trial balloon’ to test the public reaction to their proposed move. Not so with President Trump. Never let them see you coming!

• Donald Trump restored respect for the office of POTUS: All the laughing jackals aren’t laughing so loudly anymore. All the folks who were besmirching the very office of President are satisfyingly quiet.

• Donald Trump destabilized the Progressive Left and the Neocons: All the brain-trusts that thought they had Donald J. Trump all figured out have suddenly discovered they don’t have a clue. They really were playing checkers while President Trump was setting up the 3D Chess check-mate.

• Donald Trump has reinvigorated Drain the Swamp: Those who felt that the task of draining the swamp was insurmountable likely take courage in the actions of President Trump, knowing that he understands what is really going on and is willing to do what really needs to be done.

• Donald Trump has the Clinton Kleptocrats shaking in their shoes! That smell over Washington, D.C. this morning? It was all the thousands of complicit cronies crapping in their pants simultaneously!

Outline of James Comey Corruption

• Many people forget that Comey served under the Clinton and the Bush administrations. He is the quintessential political chameleon, changing political shades to blend into his environment.

• Comey served under Janet Reno and alongside Eric Holder while serving in the Clinton administration. He then served under John Ashcroft in the George W. Bush administration. He voted for Carter in 1980.

• Comey himself said he was left-of-center while he was in college. A quote about when he voted for Reagan in 1984 “I voted for Reagan – I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

• Comey helped preside over the ‘slap on the wrist’ doled out to HSBC for money laundering known illegal drug and terrorist funds. While the FBI found ‘culpability’ no one went to jail or was held personally liable in any way and they escaped with only a two billion dollar fine, which was small-time compared to the amounts that were laundered. HSBC appointed Comey to a high-level, possibly board level position in 2013, a position he may still hold today.

• Speaking of HSBC, they are a long time corporate sponsor of The Clinton Foundation, giving it many tens of millions of dollars, and directing their wealthiest clients to do likewise.

• Speaking of the Clintons, it turns out that James Comey’s brother, Peter Comey, works at the law firm that does the taxes and other services for the Clinton Foundation. Just one big happy family. James Comey also has ties with other large corporate interests that give large checks to the Clinton Foundation, notably Lockheed Martin.

• James Comey doesn’t really believe in anything, but in some nebulous middle way, as long as he’s personally making millions of dollars and the asses of his bosses are covered. Just that sort of thinking has gotten us to where we are now.

Admonitions to Donald Trump

Encourage whistleblowers by offering clemency, restore order and faith in government by punishing the guilty. There can be no two-tier justice system in the USA, there must be equal justice for all.

Our civilization relies upon blind-justice law and respect for government as an institution. The actions of the lawless left have undermined both. Time to prove that the system DOES work by investigating the suspect and incarcerating the guilty.










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