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AVAILABLE NOW: The Real Story of Cory Booker

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When President Trump pardoned longtime political advisor Roger Stone because he was the target of an illegal, politically motivated investigation. When Stone was denied a fair trial, Senator Cory Booker was quick to pounce. Here’s his Tweet

Cory Booker Tweet

Now, however, Roger Stone is back with stunning new evidence that it’s Cory Booker – not Roger Stone – who is a criminal and who has avoided prosecution based on his status as an elite political insider. Stone also demolishes the bogus claim that he lied under oath to protect the President.


In this stunning expose, Roger Stone and Dr. Randy Short document the stunning personal corruption of Cory Booker during his tenure as the Mayor of Newark. Booker’s ability to escape with the theft of taxpayer money is proof he is the one who benefits from the two-tiered justice system. Neither State nor Federal authorities or the New Jersey news media reported or expressed any outrage regarding Booker’s actions.

Meticulously documented, “SPARTACUS: THE REAL CORY BOOKER STORY” outlines, among other scams, how Cory Booker pocketed $600,000 from the city’s watershed water authority after laundering the money through his law firm. Stone proves that Booker’s claim that as an ex-officio member of the water authority board, he abstained from the vote approving the payment to his firm is false. As authority minutes show Mayor Booker present and voting, yes to line his own pockets. Mayor Booker would try out three separate explanations as to why he would be paid $600,000 from the city through his law firm. The bureaucrat who approved the illegal payment to Booker was prosecuted while the Mayor walked away from $600,000 richer.

This stunning theft is but the tip of the iceberg, as New York Times Bestselling Author Roger Stone and Dr. Randy Short track the rise, audacity, and bravado of a master conman, Senator Cory Booker. Booker remains emblematic of today’s Democratic Party; corrupt, arrogant, race-obsessed, and held to a different standard. How did someone so limited in talent, ability, and truth-adverse get so far, you will ask. Why isn’t this man in jail?

Right now politicians across New Jersey are eagerly awaiting their copy of “SPARTACUS: THE REAL CORY BOOKER STORY” so they can feverishly thumb through the index praying that they are not mentioned.

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