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Fake News Tries to Cut Off Support For Roger Stone

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nbc fake news

NBC speculated today that I was publicly discussing the possibility of being indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to generate publicity and raise money that I would somehow pocket. This is demented.

Having as many as twelve of my current or former associates interrogated by the FBI, having at least five of my associates dragged before a grand jury, having CNN reports that all my bank and financial records are being examined by the Special Counsel, having the Special Counsel fighting in court to question my longtime personal assistant and traveling aide, having the CFO of my business and my best friend both subpoenaed to the grand jury.

I’d say these are compelling regarding evidence that I am in Mr. Mueller’s crosshairs. Yes, I have had no choice but to begin raising funds for my legal defense. Reporters ask me every day if I will be indicted. It is the leaks by the Special Counsel’s office that have generated these questions – – not some action on my part. To say that I have commented on this question to seek publicity under the circumstances is both unfair and unreasonable. #unindicted

You can help Roger and his family at StoneDefenseFund.com

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