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Former Nixon Campaigner Now Pitchman For A Marijuana Strain Called ‘Tricky Dick’

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Roger Stone

By James McClure

If you’re a fan of Richard Nixon or irony, there may be a special marijuana strain for you. “Tricky Dick” is (apparently) a new brand of bud being grown for medical marijuana patients in California, says its backer – and former Nixon campaigner – Roger Stone.

“We are legally farming a strain of marijuana in Northern California in Yorba Linda, the hometown of Richard Nixon,” Stone told Jim DeFede, a reporter for CBS in Miami.

Stone describes the strain as guaranteed to give you a bad buzz and the munchies: “That’s a very unique blend of marijuana. You smoke it, you become very paranoid, and you want to go to a Chinese restaurant.”

If that got your eyes rolling, imagine how the strain’s namesake must be rolling in his grave. Nixon was, after all, the godfather of the War on Drugs.

And no one knows that better than Stone, a former Nixon campaigner and political operative who has been described as “a master of right-wing hit jobs” and “skilled in the dark arts of politics.”

Stone has been involved to some extent in political campaigns since he was a kid in 1960, and the young Stone actually campaigned against Nixon then. He ran a smear campaign in his elementary school’s mock presidential election. “I remember going through the cafeteria line and telling every kid that Nixon was in favor of school on Saturdays,” Stone told The Washington Post in 2007. “It was my first political trick.”

Since converting to conservative politics in the later 60s (and then turning libertarian decades later), Stone has worked almost exclusively for right-wing politicians, including Donald Trump. Stone made news in Oct. 2015 by calling Ohio Governor (and rival for the Republican presidential nomination) John Kasich a hypocrite for his opposition to marijuana legalization.

But Stone himself supports marijuana reform. In February 2013, he wrote an article for The Huffington Post calling on Florida voters to decriminalize and eventually legalize recreational marijuana use. “Think of the pain and suffering we can soothe,” he wrote, “the lives we save by avoiding a criminal record for mere possession and the billions of revenues marijuana could ultimately bring to the Sunshine State.”

He also admitted to his own personal use in the article. “While I will cop to smoking marijuana on occasion in the past I prefer a very dry vodka martini with blue cheese stuffed olives, please.”

However, he’s an avid collector of political pot paraphernalia. Check out this clip featuring his Nixon bong, Nixon pipe and Nixon-esque parody of the Zig-Zag mascot.

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