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Gateway Pundit: Fake News Friday Over Corsi & Stone

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Yesterday was “Fake News Feeding Frenzy Friday,” with most major MSM outlets jumping to conclusions about news that veteran Conservative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi had entered into plea bargain talks with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the immediate (false) assumption that this would somehow negatively impact me.

As one can see from his recent videos and his recent interviews, my friend Dr. Corsi has been under a tremendous amount of pressure and it is beginning to affect him profoundly. He has stated publicly that he is being asked over and over to say things he simply does not believe occurred.

While I am not aware of any plea talks involving Dr. Corsi, he is an investigative journalist whose activities I would think would largely be covered under the first amendment.

He is relentless in his research, and his network of sources is very wide. As for what he may have known and when he may have known it, his discussions with me regarding the Podesta brothers were strictly limited to their Russian business interests that were unearthed in the Panama Papers, discussed by Breitbart News and other public sources that had reported about John and Tony’s activities.

This, and only this, was the basis of my now iconic tweet, in which I said ‘THE Podesta’s time in the barrel is coming.” Most media outlets purposely omit the word “the” to make it appear that I was speaking about John Podesta’s e-mails, rather than both brothers and their lucrative business dealings with the oligarchs around Putin — the real Russian collusion.

I asked Dr, Corsi for a memo that summarized what I had read online, which he supplied about ten days later. I sent it out to a number of mainstream journalists and, whaddaya know, no one was interested. They were to busy following Paul Manafort’s Eastern European business ties.

As I told The Washington Post, Dr. Corsi never told me that he knew of John Podesta’s emails being hacked, therefore he never shared this information with me, nor did he give me any such documents.

There simply is no evidence to the contrary. So what’s going on with Corsi? Let’s review the coverage so far…

ABC reported…

Corsi described his experience with the investigation as “a horror show” and “a nightmare,” telling ABC News the special counsel’s probe, “Is an inquisition worthy of the KGB or the Gestapo. I feel like I’ve been through an interrogation session in North Korea in the Korean war.”

“They seem to think you know that I knew in advance what Assange was going to do; I’m not going to go into details at this point, but that was the basis of it,” said Corsi. “And as far as I can recall, I had no contact with Assange. And that didn’t seem to satisfy them.”

“They make it sound like it all fell apart and they were constantly pressing me on did I have a contact with Assange, and — to the best of my knowledge — I never had a contact with Assange,” Corsi said to ABC News. “And they just couldn’t believe that because they said I seemed to know too much about what Assange was going to do. And I said you know that’s what I do in my business: I try to connect the dots.”

“My conclusion was as much as they say they want only the truth, I believe that they have a narrative and they’re looking for fast facts to fit their narrative,” he said. “I’ve written 20 books since 2004 and I have reason to believe…that this is payback for those books.”

“My crime is that I didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. They won’t believe it, but this is the most frightening experience of my lifetime. I’m being punished for trying to cooperate with them in a game that I was set to lose,” he added. “I couldn’t win this game…it wasn’t a game; I was trying to tell them the truth. But you forget that somebody was in a meeting and you lied to them.”


NBC News said…

[Corsi Lawyer David ]Gray added that Corsi felt pressured by Mueller’s team to provide information that supported a certain storyline. “They’re only wanting to hear one thing and he can’t give them that one thing,” Gray said without elaborating.


Washington Examiner reported…

“A series of discussions” ensued for two months, Corsi explained.

“And at the end of that two months, even though I did everything I could to cooperate, the entire negotiation discussions have just blown up. And now I fully anticipate that in the next few days I will be indicted for some form or other of giving false information,” Corsi said.

Washington Examiner also reported…

In August 2016, Corsi, the former Washington bureau chief of right-wing publication InfoWars, advised associates — including Stone — that he suspected WikiLeaks had Podesta’s emails but did not know for sure, according to the Daily Caller. Corsi told the website his prediction was based on publicly available information and the fact the organization’s dump of Democratic National Committee documents in July of that year did not contain messages to or from Podesta.

“There was plenty on the public record that allowed me to conclude that just studying from what [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange says. And I believe I was always telling the truth to the special counsel,” Corsi said Tuesday. “I had told others probably in phone conversations, probably in emails, because I didn’t see any reason not to share this.”

The highlight of the day was when CNN scrolled across the bottom of the screen ‘Roger Stone Enters Into Plea Bargain Talks With Special Counsel Mueller,” only later saying the omission of the word ‘associate” was a ‘mistake”.

Sure it was.



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