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Georgia Steal Could Cost Senate Republicans The Majority – Focus On GA

by Domain Admin

I’ve got Georgia on my mind.

It is now clear that the recount of votes in Georgia – where the Courts required no signature verification – is simply a certification of the same fraudulent ballots.

The Democrat Secretary of State will race to certify.

Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, refuses to call a special session of the legislature – which has a legitimate Constitutional role in the selection of Electors – because he knows the fraud and corruption that both the election and the recount will reveal.

Ironically, Kemp is inadvertently submarining the Republican Candidates for the US Senate in Georgia who face a runoff on January 2.

Current Georgia law – which was changed for the 2020 election – allows any person to drop into the state thirty days before the election and register to vote. Previously, the law required ninety days, but it was revised to steal the 2020 election.

Even as we speak, thousands of people – many of whom are most likely paid – are coming to the state to register to vote from South Carolina and Florida. The Republican majority in the US Senate is in jeopardy.

Patriots are beginning to push back, as millions of people recognize that President Donald J. Trump won a smashing majority of legal votes cast in one of the most improbable comebacks in American political history.

The Democrats and their allies in the extraordinarily corrupted, corporate-owned media, as well as their Silicon Valley and tech compatriots, are effectively censoring all mass communications in the United States to perpetrate the heist of the American presidency.

Their insistence that there is “no evidence whatsoever of ballot or election fraud” and that “any examination of the allegations of cyber manipulations of the 2020 vote is part of some elaborate conspiracy theory” is nauseating.

The attempt to induce “group-think” by repeating their assertion endlessly while muzzling those who disagree is the greatest single obstacle to the President claiming his rightful reelection.

As Trump did with the rallies, only by massing for peaceful protests can we show the American People and the media that we are overwhelming in numbers, disgusted by their game of censorship and manipulation, and that we object to this entire psyop designed to convince us that Joe Biden was legally elected.

I urge all Patriots to support the #StopTheSteal rallies in Georgia and in other key cities and encourage other citizens to participate. 

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