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Guilt By Association: CNN Engages In More “Russian Collusion Hoax-Style” Smears [VIDEO]

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As Casey Stengel once said, “it’s déjà vu all over again.” Just as Democrat partisans and their allies in the corporate-owned news media baselessly assaulted me for 2 years insisting that I was a traitor, in league with the Russian state and a collaborator of Wikileaks and their publisher Julian Assange and now both ABC News and now CNN have both broadly used “guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the illegal events of Jan 6th, 2020 or had advance knowledge of them.

These are the very same news outlets who failed to report that their previous claims against me – that I was aiding the Russian state or a collaborator with Wikileaks proved to be completely false according to the US Justice Dept. Those who made those accusations failed to report the court-ordered disclosure by the DOJ, the last actions of Mueller’s report in which they admitted they had no such evidence whatsoever and even if they had proven a link between me and Wikileaks, which they found no evidence of, those activities would not have been illegal.

These jackals in the media, who know better, again make baseless accusations against me using conjecture and “guilt by association” to imply that I was somehow involved in the illegal events of January 6th. I was not present, I knew nothing about them and denounced them on my now-defunct PARLER feed when I saw the images on TV.

The claims by these so-called journalists are categorically false as I was not present on the Ellipse, did not march to the Capitol, was not on the Hill and, like AOC was not at the Capitol that day.

In fact, other than the brief moments out in front of the Williard Hotel which CNN falsely reported I was departing from, I never left the Williard Hotel property because Hotel management prohibited congregating in the lobby due to the Mayor’s Covid 19 restrictions. Therefore I never left the hotel property on January 6th until leaving for Dulles Airport around 6:00 P.M.

Since the time I was charged in a politically motivated indictment for “lying to Congress” and convicted in a rigged Soviet-style trial featuring epic corruption by the jury forewoman and 29 heavily armed FBI agents who stormed my home in Florida at 5 am to arrest me for this first time non-violent crime – all staged for the benefit of CNN – I have required security whenever leaving my home.

This is sadly needed because of the many death threats against me, my family, my wife, my children, my grandchildren, and yes even my new great-grandson.

I have endured numerous public confrontations and as reported, my wife was attacked in front of our home only weeks ago by a leftist screaming political insults after previously being injured when she was attacked by a pit bull while walking our dogs. Fortunately, I can report that after 3 surgeries, our beloved yorkie Mimi survived the attack and is recovering.

During my trial, I was required to employ off-duty DC Police Officers to provide private security because of the many threats against me and my family.  Even though I raised money to pay for private security because I am unable financially to bear that expense myself, there were no such off-duty officers available because they had all been called to duty by the DC Metropolitan Police.

Meanwhile, CNN rushes to characterize the Oath Keepers as criminals, which I have not seen any evidence of, and to my knowledge has never been proven in any court. I reserve the right to change my opinion if anything surfaces, which I am unaware of today. Based on what I have seen to date, ABC, CNN, and all of the low-rent left-wing advocacy news/smear sites are engaged in one vicious “guilt by association” campaign of distortion and baseless conjecture.

CNN and others characterize the Oath Keepers as an “anti-government militia.” This is inconsistent with the mission posted on their website and I saw no evidence whatsoever of illegal activity by any members of the organization. If there is evidence of that and if individual members of the organization committed unlawful acts, they should be prosecuted. If new credible information surfaces that reveals a conspiracy, everyone involved in such a conspiracy should be prosecuted.

As I understand, the Oathkeepers are an association of current and retired military and law enforcement personnel who have pledged their allegiance to the US constitution. That is certainly not anti-government as CNN describes them. The Oathkeepers came forward to voluntarily provide free security for me as they had graciously done at three previous rallies in Miami and Tampa. I was told that all of the men who voluntarily guarded me were off duty police officers. I found them to be courteous, effective and saw no evidence of misconduct or any other extremist attitude.

If the Oath Keepers are the terrorists as some in the media claim and were involved in the planning and execution, I was not aware of any such thing. I was not on the Ellipse, did not march, and was not on the Hill or at the Capitol on January 6th (probably the only thing I have in common with AOC). In fact, I never left the grounds of the Willard Hotel.

I stepped outside briefly when the hotel objected to anyone congregating in the lobby due to Covid-19 declarations by the Mayor. ABC recycled this innocuous video at the 6 pm and 11 pm news hours regurgitating their smear for Good Morning America the next day. CNN also used this innocuous video which I invite people to see in full, and which proves nothing whatsoever other than the Oath Keepers provided security voluntarily which I previously disclosed on many occasions.

According to CNN, the Oathkeepers provided security for Alex Jones and General Michael Flynn, so it is only a matter of time until they are also accused of advanced knowledge or involvement in the senseless and illegal acts of Jan 6th.

I have had my picture taken with literally thousands of people. It is impossible to know the name and background of every one of them and the idea that because I am photographed with someone means that I have somehow adopted their political views or am responsible for their actions – past, present, and future is a most ludicrous form of “guilt by association.”

I know of no wrongdoing by the Oathkeepers or the Proud Boys. This is most reminiscent of the 2-year Russian witch hunt which I particularly, along with General Mike Flynn, was forced to endure.

The very same fake news media outlets who defamed me and insisted falsely that I was guilty of treason and other high crimes and then failed to acknowledge that an unlimited $30 million-dollar investigation provided no such evidence now seek to use me a clickbait and an easy target with entirely false allegations that I had any role whatsoever in the politically stupid, destructive and illegal acts that took place at the US Capitol on January 6th.


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