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By: Roger Stone

Why won’t this woman go away?  She’s like a bad cold sore, just when you think it’s gone it comes right back.  I’m referring of course to (and I hate to even mention the name) Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Has this woman no dignity?  Does she not know when it’s time to pack up and get outta town?  I can answer the dignity issue.  She has none.  Anyone who can lie and continue lying, even when all the evidence proves otherwise has no dignity.

For Hillary Clinton, the game is never up.  Faced with overwhelming evidence that her version of events in Benghazi were completely false, she just won’t be a good sport and admit her mistakes.  

Faced with undeniable evidence of financial records which show that during her tenure as Secretary of State, she used her office to approve million dollar contracts to those who had donated heavily to the Clinton Fraud Foundation, she smiles and claims it’s a “right wing conspiracy.”  

When shown that she had violated ethics and conduct guidelines when she allowed every single request by her husband to lecture in those very same donating countries, enriching her family’s fortunes by millions in speaking fees, she denies, and then continues as if nothing was the matter.

In the hierocracy of the Clintonistas and the Democrats is stunning. When I wrote about the potential for the us election to be stolen and the various problems regarding computerized voting machines I was derided by the Clinton attack dogs as a “conspiracy theorist”. I specifically cited studies in Wisconsin that raised doubts about the computerized voting machines in that state. Media Matters for America, the money laundering Clinton spin machine run by crackpot and renegade former right winger David Brock called on The Hill to refuse future op eds from me because of the outlandishness of my views regarding voter fraud and voting machine manipulation.

Now suddenly Jill Stein is fronting a failing recount effort in Wisconsin and seeking to do so in Michigan and Pennsylvania. My how-times have changed.

Donald Trump was excoriated for his failure to agree to support the outcome of an election without knowing the manner in which it had been run and if that process had been fairly and honestly conducted.

After slamming Donald Trump for saying he might not support the result of the election, she turns around and does exactly that.  After telling the American people that we must all join in supporting our new commander in chief, and move on, she does a complete turn around and supports a recount of votes in several key states!   She is doing exactly what she had been accusing Trump of: dividing the people, creating a national mood of bitterness, all because she is refusing to accept the fact that she lost the election.

It’s interesting to note that Marc Elias, Hillary’s campaign counsel has gone on record stating that in the campaign’s own investigation, they had not found any evidence of irregularities or hacking.  Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate is spearheading the drive to recount votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Stein has reportedly raised millions of dollars.  Perhaps she thinks that a recount would increase her number of votes?  Perhaps she just doesn’t like Mr. Trump very much.  I’m sure the feeling is mutual.  

Although President-Elect Trump has demonstrated his lack of animus towards the Clintons by announcing that it is not his intention to prosecute them in regards to her illegal email server or the myriad crimes at the Clinton foundation. I am convinced that in 2017 when it is revealed that the Clintons crimes are more heinous and extensive than we currently know that Trump’s decision will become outdated. Hillary knows this too which is why she is making one final grasp for power to keep her ass out of jail.

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