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It’s A Roller Coaster Ride! (Part 2)

by Domain Admin

The stakes keep getting higher and everyone may soon be all in. 

By Rich Scheck

This may be big! Trump and Sessions are apparently making a move against the Deep State. All the talk of those sealed indictments may have been a distraction or part of an elaborate deception!

Trump is finally starting to get some traction and Sessions may be leading the way. This is probably related to his “national emergency’ Executive Order of late December!

It’s push back time by Trump as the Russian collusion meme loses steam and the FBI/DOJ/DNC/Obama/Clinton collusion story gains momentum.

War with both North Korea and Iran are temporarily off the table. The Winter Olympics peace moratorium is ready to kick in while Trump waffles on decertification after threatening to undermine “the worst deal in history!”  

Lots of zigging and zagging from the roller coaster switch master in the White House.  With so much happening so rapidly, it is impossible to predict the direction of events. But what is clear is that Trump is willing to change his positions quickly and abandon his threatening posture towards avowed adversaries in the wink of an eye.

While the Democrats remain in denial about Trump’s 2016 victory with lame efforts to label him mentally unfit, they continue to underestimate his cleverness and durability.

The stakes keep getting higher and everyone may soon be all in.  The mid-term elections are drawing closer and visions of impeachment and/or implementation of the 25th Amendment remain the focus of so much attention by those dreaming of Democratic control of the Congress.

We shall see soon enough how this all plays out.  Roller Coaster ride indeed!

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