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Kim Dotcom’s Ploy Snares Hannity, Gingrich

by Domain Admin
Kim Dotcom and the Nothing Burger

By Roger Stone

Kim Schmitz, now known as Kim Dotcom, is the founder of MegaUpload, the notorious website famous for distributing pirated versions of copyrighted works. While it is true that Kim espouses his philosophy which states vaguely that information wants to be free and that copyrights and trademarks are in impediment to the free flow of information, he doesn’t seem to take into account the artists who are robbed of potential revenue when people get their work for free.

In 2012, the US Federal Government, in tandem with several other International law enforcement agencies, raided Kim in New Zealand, where he had been living, arrested him, and seized all of his assets.

Since then, Kim had been fighting extradition to the US, and just this past February, lost his last New Zealand appeal and is now being processed for extradition.

It appears that Kim, who has a flair for publicity, may not have done himself any favors by injecting himself into the narrative about Seth Rich’s murder.

First let us review the facts:

The 3:00 AM D.C. murder of Seth Rich, who was shot three times in the back is suspicious to say the least. It is indisputable that Rich headed the division of the DNC from where the documents were purloined and published to WikiLeaks.

Also troubling is the fact that Seth’s family either is or was advised by a “crisis communications consultant” with close connections to the DNC. This could explain why the family has seemingly changed their tune, with Rich’s father Joel saying shortly after his son’s death that robbery was not the motive, while now claiming it was. Indeed, Rich’s wallet, ring, jewelry, and cash were found intact.

A private investigator was initially hired by the Rich Family named Rod Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler previously served as a Metropolitan DC police detective and is therefore well connected to the DC police.  He pursued avenues that few could follow. Rod Wheeler was terminated by the Rich family shortly after the crisis communications consultant began working for them. Credible sources close to the investigation have told him that Seth’s personal computer has data proving that the DNC staffer was in touch with WikiLeaks. Former Detective Wheeler also said that his DC police sources told him there was political interference with the investigation and higher-ups had instructed investigators to be less than aggressive in their investigation into Rich’s murder. This could explain why the cops failed to interview the bartender or any of the employees at the establishment where Rich was last seen, and the police never requested the security camera videos.

Enter Mr. Dotcom, who offered new revelations last week, that he claimed were backed by substantial proof. Over the weekend, he made his reveal. What he showed demonstrated that he had nothing of substance, except for some supposedly secret information he claimed that he would only give to former FBI Director Mueller, and only in exchange for immunity and ‘safe passage’ from New Zealand to the USA and back.

Kim Dotcom put his link out to his talking points at the appointed time, and instead of being taken to a web page with his statement at the top, visitors were taken to a page that opened with a video by Kim talking about ‘The Good Life’ then a music video by Kim, and then a full story on how Kim Dotcom got raided by the US Feds along with other international police. Finally, after all this presentation, the reader arrives to Kim’s official statement about Seth Rich which sadly tells us nothing new.

We at Stone Cold Truth presented evidence that indicated Seth Rich was the leaker last year. We were not alone, many others reached the logical conclusion based on the evidence. Seth had the means as a director level analyst for the DNC, he had the motive as a die-hard Bernie supporter who was witnessing Bernie getting robbed by the DNC, and he was indisputably murdered.

It is also true, that after his death, there were no more large scale data-dumps from the DNC to WikiLeaks. Fox talking head Sean Hannity and former speaker Newt Gingrich, in their well-meaning desire to learn the truth about Seth Rich’s tragic murder, bought into Kim Dotcom’s publicity ploy. While this is unfortunate, it does not diminish the fact that the American people deserve the truth about what certainly appears to be a political assassination.

Mr. Rich’s family has asked for privacy, which is part in parcel in an attempt to shut down all reasonable discourse about this public riddle. While the family’s privacy is important, the truth about Rich’s death is more important. The people who should want that truth revealed should be Mr. Rich’s loving parents themselves. Their lack of interest in this question only makes the events surrounding this investigation smell worse.

Kim Dotcom’s actions seem to us as an obvious ploy to try to get another chance at fighting his case, here in the USA, while a free man living the good life, and not from a federal prison cell.




Kim Dotcom Tried to Hack into Seth Rich’s Email After Claiming to Have Evidence of Conspiracy

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