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Larry Klayman Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit against Stone

by Domain Admin

The recent report by the Associated Press that “conservative, activist lawyer” Larry Klayman has filed a defamation lawsuit against me is stunning in the omission of the key facts required to satisfy journalistic integrity. The AP story which reports that gadfly lawyer Larry Klayman, has filed a defamation suit against me, was among the most obvious yet ineffective hit jobs I have read in a forty-year career in American politics.

The Associated Press failed to report this new lawsuit was but one of the eleven frivolous lawsuits Larry Klayman has filed against me on behalf of himself or his client Jerome Corsi. They also neglect to mention that two of those lawsuits have already been dismissed with the judge in one case ruling that Corsi, who was represented by Klayman, must pay my legal fees. The AP also missed the fact that there are pending motions for dismissal in other jurisdictions.

The judge in that case is now deciding how much Klayman’s client Corsi owes me. Yet another Federal Judge in Texas, who dismissed another of Klayman’s ridiculous cases against me, also ruled that Klayman is guilty of a “Rule 11 violation,” meaning that the Court will consider a motion filed by my attorneys . Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 provides that a district court may sanction attorneys or parties who submit pleadings for an improper purpose, or that contain frivolous arguments, or arguments that have no evidentiary support. This motion is now pending a decision. How in the world did The Associated Press miss this?

Incredibly, the Associated Press also failed to mention that Klayman is currently suspended from the practice of law in DC and Pennsylvania as well as the pending disciplinary actions against him in other jurisdictions. The AP also failed to report that in 2016, the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals recited an Ohio judge’s finding of fact that Klayman had on more than one occasion acted in a “grossly” inappropriate manner with his own children.

While identifying Klayman as a “founder of Judicial Watch” the Associated Press fails to note that Klayman was ousted from Judicial Watch. A group he founded by his hand-picked board members and that the D.C. Circuit Court recently upheld a $2.8 million judgement against Klayman by Tom Fitton and the current Directors of Judicial Watch.

In the epic legal struggle between Judicial Watch and Klayman, the bar-suspended lawyer admitted he was pursuing a romantic relationship with a Judicial Watch employee. Klayman also admitted that to Judicial Watch about his involvement in a violent altercation with his ex-wife.

Last Wednesday however Klayman failed to appear for a scheduled deposition to be taken by my lawyers. Klayman’s excuse for missing the deposition is the Delta Variant of COVID-19 makes flying from California too dangerous. True to his hypocritical nature, Covid did not stop him from flying to Philadelphia and sponsoring a conference to re-write the Constitution.

Klayman actively opposed the act of clemency granted to me by President Donald Trump who both commuted my sentence and ultimately granted me a pardon based on the corruption of the judge, jury forewoman, and Mueller’s prosecutors in the case.

On November 3, 2020, by Court order, the US Department of Justice was forced to release the last remaining unredacted section of Special Counsel Robert Mueller report. In which he conceded that he had “no factual evidence” against me regarding Russian collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration, or the alleged theft in the publication of John Podesta’s embarrassing e-mails. 

Other than BuzzFeed who admitting that Stone was “vindicated;” the very mainstream media outlets who held for two years that I was a traitor and a Russian spy, failed to report this stunning admission of exculpatory evidence. How does one lie about events that one’s not involved in?

When Klayman is ultimately deposed, I will ask him how many times he met with Mueller’s prosecutors in their joint effort to destroy me based on his fury over my pardon and vindication. I have high regard for Tom Fitton, and the current management of Judicial Watch, who I believe does an incredible job holding the Government, the Courts, and the media accountable.

It’s bad enough that I must vigorously defend against a Biden DOJ civil complaint that was cooked up to satisfy the bloodlust on the American left who won’t stop attempting to destroy me. This complaint falsely implies that I have evaded taxes, when in fact, I have declared every penny of income that should be taxed and have hidden nothing. The Government’s case is stunning in that virtually every one of its assertions is not only inaccurate but can be easily and indisputably proven to be false and therefore a fraud upon the Court.

While I have no interest in settling this civil suit, I am looking forward to being vindicated in federal court in Miami regarding the heavy-handed tax case. I am grateful to the judge in the case for granting a 90-day delay to my lawyers based on the fact that my wife was shockingly diagnosed with stage four cancer. Mrs. Stone is the chief custodian of all of our business and tax records but she’s too ill at this time to participate fully in her own defense.

Roger and Nydia Stone

Klayman refused to delay one of his harassment lawsuits based on the Federal Judge’s examination of my wife’s current health and a ninety-day grant of delay. Klayman also refused to accept a statement from my wife’s doctor, insisting instead that I sign an affidavit and record a video asserting that my wife is battling stage 4 cancer. Unsatisfied that both a federal judge and the head of the University and Miami Sylvester Cancer Center both certified my wife’s battle with cancer, Klayman insisted on the continued harassment of my wife and family.

Many will recall when Klayman posted a seven-and-a-half-hour video when he was allowed to depose me in one of his completely bogus harassment suits. The assholes at Politico took the thirty-second byte out of a seven-and-a-half-hour struggle in which, for anyone who bothered to watch the entire deposition, I plaid rope-a-dope with this clown. The video of my deposition actually reveals what a buffoon Klayman is, not to mention the entire lack of evidence to support any of his fraudulent litigations against me.

Larry Klayman, the legal tough guy, is ducking my court-ordered deposition because he knows that the questioning will reveal additional unethical behavior on his part. Including the 11th Circuit decision regarding his creepy touching of his own children, as well as the circumstances in which he was actually ousted from the very organization that he founded by hand-picked people he supposedly controlled. I also have instructed my attorneys to question Klayman vigorously about the finances of his current non-profit organization “Freedom Watch,” which I believe is currently in violation of its IRS tax status. Additionally, I intend to explore an incident in which Klayman was temporarily detained at the Miami International Airport by TSA because he objected to TSA’s insistence that he put his cat through an inspection, saying “don’t worry, the cat isn’t carrying a bomb.”

My lawyers also intend to hone in on Klayman’s handling of the legal defense funds of some of his clients, questions I doubt the discredited Klayman wants to answer given their potential tax and ethical implications. Larry Klayman can run but cannot hide.

The Associated Press should terminate the reporter who failed to mention that Klayman is suspended from the bar in D.C. and Pennsylvania, that a federal judge in Nevada barred Klayman from practicing in that federal circuit, and that Klayman had been removed from Judicial Watch. They also neglect to inform the reader that this latest lawsuit is one of eleven actions Klayman has brought against me (two of which have already been dismissed), or Klayman’s notification to the Court that he would not be appearing for his court-ordered deposition a mere thirty minute before that deposition. How can any honest or qualified reporter omit these salient facts?

Thanks to the vicious, malicious, fabricated effort of Mueller and his confederates, who tried to bankrupt me, after I refused to lie for them. Followed by the recycled smear that I was somehow involved in or complicit in the illegal acts of January 6th, as well as the Biden DOJ civil suit against my wife and I, I must now also raise a sufficient amount of money in my Legal Defense Fund to finance my defense. I am being attacked by a discredited lawyer whose lawsuits against me are laughable in their lack of merit, and whose written submissions to the Courts are childish, idiotic, and delusional. I am most interested in asking Klayman under oath when the last time was that he won a favorable verdict in state or federal court, or when any court granted one of his motions. Unsurprisingly, having attempted to smear me in his ham-handed incompetent deposition, he lacks the fortitude to confront his life-long record of ethical abuses, incompetence, falsehoods, and unrequited egomania.

Larry Klayman was allowed to depose me on the same day that the news broke exposing the epic corruption of the jury forewoman in my case, who had attacked me on Twitter and Facebook in 2019. Any personal animous would disqualify her from serving on my jury, but even worse they were regarding the very case in which she would be selected as a juror. She kept her account private during jury selection, trial, and deliberation only to delete them only after participating in my lynching. Klayman insisted in the deposition that “by the time his case against me got to trial I would already be in federal prison.” “No,” I replied, “by the time this case is dismissed, I will be a free man but you, Larry, will be disbarred.”

The facts that will be revealed when a judge ultimately orders Klayman’s deposition will only hasten his inevitable exile from the practice of law.

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niven solomon August 30, 2021 - 11:29 am

sir, I am supporter and fan of Trump and Roger stone jr. I wish to see a trump-stone ticket 2024. that is all i want to xmas.
Go for it Roger stone jr. hey hey hey.
Even i love rolling stones. Paint it Black.
I have reason to believe that Trump had infor fomr his agents that Obama is born to a concubine in new guyana and he is illegit son of David rockefeller. that to rogues like George bush the murderers such fraud is covered up.

david john September 3, 2021 - 9:55 am

Objective: Mission White House.
President Joe Biden won election 2020 by fraud. He is therefore not American President but President for George Bush spies.
I am therefore suggesting to Author Roger stone he write an investigative book. For example in the year 1978 Pope John Paul was murdered with poison and this was extensively investigated proved by a britisher David Yallop and he wrote a book In God’s name. This is a classic best seller.
I urge you to write a similar book investigating and explaining how election 2020 was won by Biden by fraud and prove there is the hand of Spies which includes Obama and Bush. most of the investigation is there with you and President Trump. If this book is a best seller we have a chance to get Trump into White House.
Also think of this, if we dont do anything like this then your political future is at stake besides your health is also a concern as too many law suit can wear you out. I am concerned too.
Another author who can help in this investigation is Peter Schweizer who wrote a best seller Clinton cash.
There is nothing like trying. besides urge all Trump voters to launch a signature campaign.


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