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MYNORTHWEST: ‘Lord of Mischief’ says Donald Trump needs to focus

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A former consultant for Donald Trump who has been described as the “Lord of Mischief” among other things, says the Republican presidential nominee needs to focus or he’s bound to lose.

Roger Stone told KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross that he believes the reason Trump was doing well, and even leading in some polls earlier in the campaign, was because he focused on four or five issues. But things have since started to look like they are unwinding.

“He needs to get back on message,” Stone said.

On Friday, Trump may have started doing just that. He endorsed Republican senators Kelly Ayotte, John McCain, as well as the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

Over the weekend, Trump also kept his attacks on the media and Hillary Clinton at a relatively low level.

And on Monday, he gave a speech to lay out his economic vision.

Of course, all that followed a week of fighting with the Gold Star Khan family, who criticized Trump during the Democratic National Convention for his stance on immigration and demonizing Muslims.

But when it comes to Trump’s characteristics and often harsh language, Stone says it is what it is.

“Doesn’t seem to have hurt him in the primaries,” Stone said. “That’s the kind of campaign you’re going to have to run against Hillary Clinton. He should keep his focus on her.”

Source: https://www.mynorthwest.com/365708/trump-mischief-campaign/

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