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Net Censorship Campaign Exposed

by Domain Admin
Roger Stone
(By Roger Stone)
Google, Facebook, Twitter, move to kneecap alt-media

The encroaching ‘New Censorship’ of the left is no fiction, but a fictional television show provides a good lead in. In the latest season of popular Showtime series Homeland, filmed before the 2016 Presidential Election had been decided in favor of Donald J. Trump, a fictional character named Brett O’Keefe is introduced that is an obvious take on Alex Jones and ‘Alt News’. In several episodes, they show a clandestine building full of technologists who are using fake social media accounts and bots to manipulate public opinion and spread fake news. In a classic case of projection, this plot point is attributed to the Alt-Right and the Deep State working together. It is in fact precisely what is happening but with the Deep State in bed with the Progressive Left (which includes many Neocons). David Brock, specifically, and his organization Media Matters have taken in many tens of millions of dollars over the past few years and have built up exactly the kind of infrastructure that is ‘fictionally’ portrayed on the series Homeland. A virtual army of trolls and the complicit support of the Tech Left and Main Stream Media. This is the Beast that a rag-tag group of patriots is fighting.

It would be bad enough if what they were up against was just deep pockets and a well-oiled machine, but what is faced is far more insidious. The entire playing field has been tilted, with the complicity of the major social media platforms and search engines engaging in the overt censorship of material considered ‘fake’ or ‘offensive’. Who decides what is fake and/or offensive? As per the new “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” (CDPA), The Center for Information Analysis and Response does, with the help of generous amounts of grant money showered on leftist, liberal, or establishment mouthpieces like Snopes.com, factcheck.org, and Media Matters.

Many Conservatives, Libertarians, and supporters of President Trump know first-hand the effects of this New Censorship being unleashed against them. For decades, there wasn’t sufficient concern that venture capital was being expended almost exclusively by the Left on companies run by the Left. Once established, many of the largest of these companies then began a symbiotic relationship with the Deep State, which allowed them to grow into the juggernauts they are today. Facebook, Twitter, Google and their property YouTube have all but locked-up social media interactions on the Internet. The old Anti-trust description fits most appropriately: Monopolies. As monopolies, these left leaning organizations can tilt public discourse in directions of their choosing via a variety of nefarious yet hidden methods.

We at the Stone Cold truth have experienced this digital kneecapping directly. We have gone from over a quarter of a million reach a day organically in October to less five thousand on any given day this week. This has been reflected in the decline in direct visits to StoneColdTruth.com as well as obviously curtailed activity on our Facebook and twitter feeds. While the tech left will occasionally boost the numbers in order to conceal what they are up to the overall result of their campaign of censorship is obvious. They seek to restore the mainstream media monopoly on the dissemination of political information at the same time crushing the vibrant and robust alternative media which allowed for the election of Donald J Trump.

Terms have had to be invented to describe the censorship activities being conducted by the Tech Left: Throttling, Shadow Bans, Troll Bots, SJW Puppets, Fake News Flagging, and many more being invented almost every day. All this activity boils down to a single objective: limiting the reach for voices of dissent. Make no mistake, their technologies work, their methods are effective. We at Stone Cold Truth have watched our audience go up month over month yet have seen our reach go down month after month in a dramatic fashion. We have conducted actual A-B tests with tweets and Facebook posts and have watched both Twitter and Facebook stifle our content in real-time. We know we are not alone.

Using Rugged American Individualism, we have stood up to voices and ideology raised by the Left, but in their desperation, the Tech Left is slanting the playing field further and further, to the point of breaking. Facebook, and Twitter specifically have violated their own stated SEC reported corporate charters. Both promise free and open platforms. Both are provably false. Google makes no such promises, but their de facto monopoly on search has given them a powerful position with which to abuse, and abuse they have.
The Left have professional agitators by the thousands, and brain trusts by the score, that work together in purpose if disparate in tactics. No such organizational structure exists for the Right. The organization that has the ostensible duty to help counter such onslaughts is the GOP and they have been missing in action. The Tech Left is extinguishing the passion and volunteer spirit that helped President Trump rise to prominence using the very tactics the Main Stream Media has accused Russia: using professional trolls to spread propaganda and disinformation, and by total media collusion.

The Left are in a panic. They were certain Hillary would win. When Donald J. Trump won the election and foiled all of the clean-up efforts, they lost the chance to provide cover for the egregious ethical and legal violations that were committed in the name of getting a Hillary win at any cost. Many on the Tech Left have opened themselves up to extreme legal liability. They were literally banking that Hillary would provide them with protection from repercussions. They have been brazen about their efforts and have left behind noticeable trails pointing to their activities. The liability is their soft underbelly which should be exploited to level the playing field. The Tech Left made a huge gamble, and they lost.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all of the tools of the Globalist media need to be investigated for violations of antitrust provisions in the US Code. True information is as much a commodity in today’s world as is electricity or telecommunications. All power generation and telecom is regulated by the Federal Government, so too should be any industry that abuses the free flow of information, regardless of platform. Liberals should not be allowed to use their control of publicly necessary information utilities to force their agenda on an unwilling populace.

The Left aren’t backing down, they are doubling down. They are watching multiple generations worth of sacrifice go up in smoke. If liberty minded patriots hope to actually effect change and beat them back once and for all, they must seize the opportunity to mount a significant offensive that has the possibility of crippling the Left’s ability to control the narrative.

Coming soon on Stone Cold Truth – Twitter’s censorship hit list exposed

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