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Rhymes with Hate

by Domain Admin

For almost two years now a screeching, squealing would-be political lynch mob of deceitful partisan degenerates has managed to invent, promote, proliferate and perpetuate the most brazen coordinated mass fraud ever inflicted on the American public in our nation’s history.

Of course I speak of the malicious concoction better known as the Obama-Clinton-DNC Russia collusion hoax.

Amplified 24/7 by effete Trump-deranged corporate media megaphonies, the collusion hoaxsters have extracted significant political value in the diversion, distraction, defamation and disinformation that their cynical scam has enabled them to propagate at the expense of political adversaries who rightfully handed these corrupt, arrogant elites their asses in the historic election of 2016.

Their thoroughly-corrupt ulterior motives and psychotic-grade dishonesty are particularly disturbing given the cultish monomania with which they are perpetrating this unparalleled national fraud.  The power-mad left’s lust for absolute control imposed by totalitarian government authority (which they alone are to wield) has led them to very purposefully instigate and inflame what has become the most toxic political environment in America since the Civil War.

Their lunatic zeal to foment tribalistic partisan rancor, hyper-demagogic discord and manufactured civil dysfunction in America represents a new low in political subversion, even for the lowest of lowlife leftist Alinskyite criminals.

This poisonous Trump-addled mass hissy-fit being thrown by America’s elite political pygmies, with all its seething vindictive pettiness and endless duplicity, is in reality nothing but their nasty infantile payback inflicted on America for having dared spurn their imperious manipulations and deranged false sense of entitlement.

These people have subjected our country to nothing less than a ceaseless coordinated battery of seditious machinations so dishonest and malign that the only rational conclusion to draw is that we are dealing with despicable political arsonists who will sooner blowtorch this country and send its body politic up in flames than live another minute in frantic terror that their divine right to total control and absolute power has now been definitively and irreversibly smashed to smithereens.

After decades unchecked, these self-righteous hypocrites are being harshly disabused of their lazy delusion that they are somehow entitled, by default, to dictate the terms and conditions of all political discourse, public policy and popular self-governance in America.

It should surprise no one that the diseased vermin at the center of this poisonous farce are the same organized criminals who make up America’s all time most diabolical syndicate of greedy, self-dealing, power abusing grifters: the Clinton Crime Family, in collusion with its obeisant ranks of fellow traveling corporate media sycophants, parasitic useful idiots, and corrupt megalomaniacal Obama/DNC apparatchiks.

Collusion hoaxsters may wallow gleefully in the constant spew of phony allegations and false light suspicions they casually manufacture to frame and defame innocent parties who happen to oppose their criminal schemes and seedy games, but they are fooling no one (whose brains they haven’t already washed)…and they know it.

Clearly there are mouthbreathing hordes of profane Democrat malcontents demented enough to eagerly slurp down rancid chunks of fake news vomited out by a totally discredited corporate media that is desperately flailing to keep its BIG LIE alive. But most thinking people now see that the Democrat fascist noise machine is doing nothing but recycling the same transparent bunk they have been lazily regurgitating over and over for almost two years now.

This sleazy Democrat mob knows as well as any of us that their whole sordid con game is nothing but a slow motion political smear job of unparalleled proportions, serving no other purpose than to sate their vengeful partisan animus and warped powerlust.

That they have yet to produce a shred of actual evidence to support any of their malicious false insinuations, despite almost two years of non-stop scrutiny, is of no consequence and certainly has done nothing to slow down their nonstop crazy train.

Until they can finally succeed in stealing back political power, no matter what it takes, they will continue perpetrating despicable scams like their Russia collusion delusion, and the big honkin’ fake news juggernaut will barrel forward, full steam ahead.

All the hoaxsters have really accomplished with their neo-Stalinist deep state bludgeonings is to inflict personal financial harm on a small handful of their most-hated political adversaries. The cost of beating back their defamatory jihad has been very high for some of us now that they have expanded their corruption to include weaponizing our legal system through fraudulent lawsuits that they know are baseless partisan fabrications, but will nonetheless cost a fortune to repel, until they are inevitably thrown out of court.

Our highly successful demolition of their counterfeit utopian hopes and dreams and scams and schemes really began with our election of the improbable champion of the 2016 election, President Donald J. Trump.

For the Imperial Hard Left and its henchpygmies embedded in our federal government, electing Donald Trump was and will always be an inconceivable and unforgivable sin. In the face of this epic, stinging national rebuke, they see it as their high holy mission to effectively nullify the 2016 election, by any means necessary.

This is appallingly clear in how they are now ruthlessly and frantically abusing every conceivable mechanism of public trust and government power that they can yet co-opt, corrupt and manipulate in order to exact their malicious revenge and seize back the power they believe is their exclusive property.

The hissy-fit-inspired Russian collusion hoax cooked up by a more and more fascist Democrat left has found both its vanguard and lynchpin in the corporate socialist broadcast media. However, equally buttressing their pathetic nonstop parade of supercilious talking head network news propagandists is a freakish cadre of reliable, if flavorless and banal, propaganda scribes embedded in nearly every major publication, online and off, from newspapers to news aggregators to blogs to formerly-printed now-online periodicals.

Their insidious little journo-list of collusion muckrakers breaks down into two categories.

First are the deceitful cherry-pickers, who selectively report only that which serves their agenda and once that is debunked move on to some new exaggeration or distortion or sensationalized, but pointless, ‘revelation.’

Second are the flat-out liars, who are not so much conspiracy theorists as conspiracy fantasists. This bunch consists of those who simply repeat even long-debunked false claims or embellish otherwise-innocuous, even exonerating, facts to paint a brazenly-false version of events and hatefully demonize their opponents.

A leading light, or more accurately a dim bulb, from the 2nd category – the flat-out liars — is a pseudo-intellectual partisan propagandist named Jonathan Chait.

Lately I have become a regular target of Chait’s deceitful scribblings, most recently in a piece (of schiff) titled ‘I Will Never Roll on Donald Trump,’ Promises Definitely Innocent Adviser Roger Stone, and before that in an equally-bogus smear job titled Roger Stone Knew in Advance About the Stolen Emails. Did He Tell Trump?

As little more than a compulsively-dishonest propaganda pusher, cheap insinuations and false innuendo are Chait’s stock in trade. Chait’s sloppy accusations and totally-baseless claims trying to rope me into his Russian collusion hoax, are basically just flat-out lies…and Chait knows it.

Condensing as many fascist left lies, smears and distortions as Chait has packed into his own dumbed-down version of the Russia collusion fairy tale requires a special sort of charlatan. To break it all we will have to unpack what is some of the most densely-compacted bullshit anyone has seen since Lord Obama swaggered off the national stage and into virtual hiding.

These lastest packs of lies troweled out by Chait are egregious even for a sleaze-peddler of Chait’s caliber, so breaking down and debunking them is a necessary, if utterly tedious, chore. Nevertheless, here we go:

Chait Lie #1: “Roger Stone tweeted: “Trust me, it will soon [be] the Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary”…The Post story makes it clear that Stone’s implausible public story and reported refusal to testify in Congress are a cover story because he is an accessory after the fact to Russian-orchestrated email theft.”

Truth: Chait has added the word “[be]” to my now-infamous August 21, 2016 Tweet and in doing so has unwittingly (or sloppily) highlighted how I was referring to THE Podesta brothers, not to John Podesta.

[Donald Trump was famously called “The Donald” but no one has ever called John Podesta “The Podesta.” Perhaps Chait’s loving reverence for the man who was the captain of Hillary Clinton’s total and complete electoral implosion has led to Chait calling him “THE Podesta”, but Chait would be the only person ever to do this.]

Chait’s unwitting clarification of my Tweet, along with the specious conclusory assertions he has made without a shred of hard evidence or demonstrable fact, make it clear that Chait is so full of schiff that his conclusions would best be punctuated with the sound of a toilet flushing at the end of every sentence.

Much as we would all be better people if we just accepted Chait’s totally-reliable, completely-objective, entirely-honest loony leftist propagandizing and phony conjecture, Chait’s patchwork narrative conjured out of a couple of vague election season Tweets, buttressed by his imaginative conclusion-leaping in place of ANY ACTUAL EVIDENCE, makes it clear whose uninformed fantasy version of events is the most implausible story Chait has published.

Notwithstanding Chait’s wannabe clairvoyant musings about a few Tweets out of some 20,000 I had posted by the time I posted the quoted Tweets, Chait’s malformed speculation, defaming me by distorting a Washington Post story that itself fabricates a double-hearsay claim supposedly from (surprise!) an “anonymous source,” is simply a load of conspiracy theory bunk concocted by Chait to cast false suspicion on me.

My only connection to anything regarding Wikileaks’ release of anything at all was that I simply tracked Julian Assange’s public statements closely and relied on Wikileaks’ unblemished track record for truth and authenticity in vaguely predicting that Wikileaks would do what they said they would.

That is the sum total of my relation to Wikileaks and Assange…nothing more, no grand conspiracy, no foreign contacts or connections, no collusion, no secret foreknowledge of what they had or when exactly they would dump it…nothing in the same dimension as what the warped paranoid minds of Jonathan Chait and other have conjured from thin air out of nothing more substantial than a few random speculative Tweets.

My Tweet taking a shot at the Podesta brothers was made at a time when Paul Manafort was under fire for consulting work with Russia-connected clients, even though it was far less substantial than the numerous deep business dealings the Podesta brothers had with Russian entities and persons.

This Tweet was NOT a reference to John Podesta individually, nor to his emails, nor was it even a specific prediction of any kind. John Podesta’s emails were not even leaked to the media until October 7, 2016, nearly seven weeks after my Tweet.

Characterizing this Tweet as evidence of “advance knowledge” of a specific event that would not occur for nearly 2 more months is at best disingenuous partisan spin and at worst evidence that someone is simply batshit crazy.

Aside from a very general statement alluding to the Podesta’s facing an eventual reckoning for their shady foreign business dealings and their close ties to crooked Hillary Clinton, this and a couple of other Tweets have been inflated by partisan wackjobs like Chait into their delusional rendition of some sort of collusion confession on my part.

I never Tweeted anything specific about anything whatsoever as it concerned any leaked documents or information for the simple reason that I had no information of any kind outside of what Wikileaks and Assange had publicly announced and Randy Credico’s simple confirmation that someone at Wikileaks had confirmed to him that they indeed had the materials they claimed.

Chait’s predictable recycling of this absurdly-tortured claim that my Tweet was some sort of cryptic reference to emails from John Podesta nearly two months before they were actually leaked makes for a cute little conspiracy theory, but it is a laughable substitute for any real evidence supporting Chait’s delusional fantasizing that this somehow makes me an “accessory after the fact.”

[Stick to fake news, Jonny. You’re no more credible as an amateur legal analyst than you are as a fake journalist.]

Chait Lie #2:  “Stone has a long trail of contacts with Russian hacking cutout Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks”

Truth:  Chait is just plain lying in this ridiculous embellishment. What he falsely describes as a “long trail of contacts” literally amounts to:

1) ZERO contact with Wikileaks or Julian Assange at any time during the 2016 election except a perfunctory exchange of definitively arms-length, if not icy, messages over their displeasure that I was promoting what Assange had long publicly said they would do concerning documents exposing the Democrat machinations and mercenary politics, and

2) A staggering total of 24 words (yes, I mean literally just twenty-four words), typed out in seconds, amounting to a whopping three total direct message responses I made to an unverified Twitter user claiming to be Guccifer 2.0.

This is it, folks. These are the sum total of what Jonathan Chait characterizes as a “long trail of contacts”.

Despite Chait’s compression of a murky faceless “intelligence community’s” loaded presumption that Guccifer 2.0 was a “Russian hacking cutout”, Chait has ZERO evidence because none has ever been produced to support this convenient “assessment” (Sorry, but the Daily Beast’s mere say-so that some unidentified spook source said so is NOT proof. In fact, because it is the Daily Beast there is a better than 90% chance that it was completely made-up).

Some diligent crusading heroic investigator connected “Guccifer” to the IP address of a Russian intelligence agent…. my ass.  Almost 2 years and this steaming little nugget of bullschiff is all they could concoct??

Just the fact that it was floated up through the fetid cess of the most cynical partisan propaganda and disinformation outlet in American political life, the grotesque Daily Beast, only confirms what a joke it truly is, a desperate fabrication by the hoaxsters to salvage their imploding hoax and, in Chait’s case, absurdly attempt to splatter this excrement on me.

[By the way, only deceitful partisans or really really stupid delusional conspiracy theorists would actually posit the absurd theory that someone involved in some sort of foreign collusion plot to somehow illicitly influence a U.S. presidential election would actually communicate with an agent of foreign influence by a means as casual and unsecure as Twitter direct messages!]

My incredibly-voluminous 24 total words of reply to the supposed Guccifer 2.0 Twitter account were polite, but decidedly arms-length and at best superficial, containing nothing of substance.

To be clear, this was ALL their ever was…there were no clandestine meetings, no secret messages, no coordination, no contact of any kind beyond these 24 words.

While Chait is demonstrably a malicious liar, he would have to be patently delusional to believe (and expect others to buy) that there is anything about any of this that could even remotely be characterized  as “a long trail of contacts” with any entity whatsoever, either known or suspected of being connected to any leaks or hacks of any political information of any kind from anyone, Democrat, Republican or otherwise, much less Wikileaks or “Guccifer 2.0.”

The truth is that Chait is simply too lazy to have bothered doing even rudimentary research to find out the actual facts of the matter, much less to substantiate this brazen defamation Chait confidently, conclusively and jackacidly publishes about me.

Chait Lie #3:  “[Stone] requested access to hacked Clinton emails from Julian Assange”

Truth:  Chait’s lie here is a perfect example of a paranoid partisan hack cooking up some conclusion-leaping conspiracy theory by fabricating his own fictional version of reality where actual reality is totally devoid of any evidence whatsoever to support his wishful partisan fantasy.

I never requested anything from Julian Assange and never could have done so because I have never met, spoken with, emailed, Skyped, carrier-pigeoned, messaged-in-a-bottle, sent smoke signals or had any contact with Julian Assange about anything at any time during election 2016 about any leaks or hacks or releases of anything from anyone, whether Hillary Clinton’s, John Podesta’s or anyone else’s documents or communications, whether emails or otherwise.

What I did do was pursue a fellow journalist, Randy Credico, who I knew had some type of contact with or access to someone or some persons within the Wikileaks organization.

I sought to find out from Credico whether Wikileaks might have obtained any leaked emails that specifically involved Hillary Clinton’s role in her bloodthirsty double-crossing of Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi in 2012.

My requests to Credico were for a story I was working based on information I had developed from a credible source who claimed to have been a go-between in negotiations between Qaddafi and the U.S. Government at the time Clinton was Secretary of State.

I sought to learn whether there might be any information in Wikileaks’ possession relevant to this story. My inquiries were in late September 2016, long after Julian Assange had announced to the world on CNN in June 2016 that Wikileaks had obtained leaked emails that would somehow implicate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Chait is at best a disingenuous dolt if he actually believes I was somehow the only journalist, broadcaster, researcher or person who was trying to find out what Wikileaks might have that could shed light on any one of the countless underhanded machinations and nefarious schemes in which Hillary Clinton was involved while she was busy exploiting the U.S. Department of State as a barely-disguised storefront for her brazen, greedy influence-peddling run through the Clinton Slush Foundation.

Chait and his fellow conspiracy theorists can wish, hope, and dream mightily that my asking a fellow journalist and broadcaster whether he could confirm information about a potentially-blockbuster story I was developing somehow constitutes an international collusion conspiracy, but I suspect 99% of the world’s news outlets and journalists would beg to differ with his bizarre, distorted miscasting of my doing what they do all day, every day, for a living.

Were Chait an actual journalist who actually researched and developed source information, rather than lazily plagiarizing bullshit already-embellished by someone else and repackaging it into his own carbon copied version of the latest phony leftist narrative, he might understand what was actually going on with my efforts to substantiate a story that I could not publish solely on what I had.

But then, Chait has published total lies about me based solely on his own warped conspiracy fantasies so I suspect that the concept of corroboration or confirmation of claims before spewing out his contrived trash is totally alien to a partisan liar of Chait’s sort.

Chait Lie #4:  “[Stone] displayed advance knowledge of WikiLeaks emails during the campaign”

Truth:  It is really hard to answer Chait’s lazy reductio ad absurdum assertions here. “Wikileaks emails”? “Displayed advance knowledge”??

[Hey dummy, anyone who watched CNN in June 2016 had “advance knowledge” of “Wikileaks emails”, if you want a simple answer to your simple-minded distortions.]

That being said, if Chait has some sort of hard evidence or knows something I don’t about my own monitoring of publicly-available statements by Assange and Wikileaks (as Assange himself said was the case when Amy Goodman interviewed him in late 2017 about the fake news frenzy being spread Chait-esque hoax peddlers claiming that I was somehow in contact with Assange), I suggest Chait publish it.

Otherwise, Chait’s phony allegation here is nothing but more of his lazy suspicion-manufacturing and false light defamation.

Chait Lie #5: “Stone refused to answer a direct question from the House Intelligence Committee about his contacts with WikiLeaks.”

Truth:  During my appearance before the Committee I did not disclose the identity of Randy Credico. This was the sole piece of information I did not provide at that time.

Within days after my appearance before the Committee I directed my attorneys to provide the Committee with Credico’s identity, thus making my testimony complete. This is such a disingenuous phony allegation is is almost mind-boggling that Chait has the temerity to actually publish it.

Chait’s assertion here is simply more of his recycling of someone else’s bullshit, in this case the misleading, deceitful, manipulative false claim peddled by serial liar, Clinton apologist, Russia collusion hoax fabricator, and cowardly defamation mouthpiece for the fascist wing of the fascist Democrat party, the repugnant Adam “I’m a steaming load of bull” Schiff.

Chait’s lie here is more deceitful than anything he has falsely accused me of saying, again with absolutely no evidence to support his recycled, long-discredited libel. Chait might consider not lying more than any false accusation he has lied about in defaming someone in his target sights. What is clear from this little false light portrayal is that deception by omission is something Chait is quite comfortable engaging in.

Chait Lie #6: “Stone has casually mentioned he might be indicted for what he called “extraneous crimes.”

Truth: I said I was “prepared” for the possibility of being indicted, should Mueller fabricate some offense to frame me for.  As a serial defamer, Chait knows all about falsely accusing others to suit his own sordid partisan agenda.

I would think Chait would know full well that all it takes is some sociopathic liar of his caliber to fabricate a false story or go along with some warped narrative of a circumstance or situation for a legal errand boy assassin like Mueller, or any of his other Hillary-donor underlings, to maneuver a grand jury into indicting an innocent person.


These are just the most glaring out of a pack of blatant, baseless lies peddled by Chait. There are others just as deceitful as these, but I will not waste another minute repeating what I have consistently said and written, literally dozens upon dozens of times, month after month, for what will soon be years, in what have been detailed and absolutely consistent responses, made in good faith and even repeated under oath.

Chait is a defamatory partisan propagandist, so I suspect it is hard for him to grasp the concept of truth and consistency across numerous statements made over years, where this sort of reliable, substantiated factual recounting conflicts with the web of lies Chait spins with every new lazy hit piece he cobbles together from other hit pieces he has skimmed that week.

It would be physically impossible for me to more explicitly and comprehensively restate the truth of the matter, that I had no advance knowledge of ANYTHING that was not already publicly-discoverable and, at best, vaguely general in nature about anything having to do with any proprietary information, whether from the DNC, John Podesta or frankly anyone at all, and that I had nothing to do with any foreign agents or actors or entities or any activities of any kind involving any collusion or manipulation or efforts or acts of any kind by any person or group or entity to engage in such activity, either concerning the 2016 election or any other election at any level, EVER. PERIOD.

I am certain that it would be a complete waste of time attempting to set Chait straight by conclusively refuting the incessant lies and distortions he and his ilk so casually publish. Even 10 lifetimes could not afford me enough waking hours to ever possibly respond to all of the lies, false accusations, phony suspicions and conspiracy theory garbage that has oozed out of fake news hyenas like Chait, just in the last year alone.

Chait is a cheap partisan huckster who has, and clearly will:

  • Alter statements and quotes to mischaracterize or alter their meaning;
  • Mis-state or misportray proven, undisputed facts;
  • Omit anything from his selective spin-doctored version of a story that might belie his phony or misleading embellishments and factual forgeries;
  • Reduce factual circumstances or truncate someone’s explicit statements down to the point that they are twisted into a maliciously-false portrayal intentionally designed to damage Chait’s intended target;
  • Make-up or repeat outright false allegations without ever pointing to a single shred of actual evidence, any credible or firsthand sources, or any demonstrable facts of any kind.

In short, Chait is a lazy partisan defamation artist who more than likely reads only sloppy 2nd-hand leftist attack pieces from the usual partisan attack outlets and then essentially just distills them down even further to filter out burdensome facts or inconvenient truths that would inhibit his ability to churn out his own special brand of sloppy deceitful 3rd-rate dreck.

Chait’s garbage is doubtlessly intended to placate the lowest of low information half-wits who want their closely-held, utterly-false beliefs reduced to simple, uncluttered regurgitations by a literary simpleton of their own caliber.

There is at least one undeniable truth we can draw from reading Jon Chait. It is that craven, stunted smack writers like Chait are neither credible nor legitimate sources of any information about anything, ever. End of story.

Chait and sleazes of his kind engage in nothing more than deceitful bad faith smear campaigns against those with whom they disagree politically or ideologically. Chait’s low-grade variety of faux-intellectual writing does nothing but pollute the literary and journalistic worlds with false noise wholly and purely concocted out of the fevered, defective minds of lazy, sloppy hit-and-run pseudo-journalists of the sort Chait epitomizes.

Chait’s only contribution to the packs of lies he plagiarizes from some other lefty bullshit artists slightly less lazy than Chait himself to repackage for his narrow, mal-informed audience is to recycle them with his own special little trademark cocksure half-clever snark.

Underlying Chait’s recycled version of someone else’s work is Chait the Cheater’s laughable presumption that the world should just take all of his cheap musings and pseudo-factual presentations as gospel because, well…they come from the scintillating brain of the Great Chait!

Not only are Chait’s vapid musings easily the most consistently compact pack of lies you’ll find anywhere in pseudo-journalism, but even Chait’s lies are often just lies on top of, or about, his previous lies.

As a pioneer of false and misleading internet propaganda, Chait is a master in the art of repetitiously compounding deceitful embellishments. This particular form of calculated deception, and the semantic defamations it facilitates, sets Chait (and others of his particularly low-grade caliber of intellectually-lazy, ideologically-torpid bunco artist) apart from run-of-the-mill fake news fellow travelers who nonetheless share Chait’s demented ideology and degenerate amorality.

Chait especially stands out among fiction-writing partisan attack poodles in his ability to falsely recount fake news in a way that makes it even more fake…turning fake news into even faker news, if you will.

Unfortunately for Chait and his fellow hagiographers from the dissolute fantasy world of miserable leftist polemicists, half-witted snark and snarky half-wit are not enough to distract even his own half-literate audience from the fact that he cannot produce, and has never produced, an iota of actual evidence to support any of his wishful-thinking defamation-spewing nonsense.

Whatever I say, however much factual evidence I present, no matter how comprehensive, explicit and detailed my responses may be, pseudo-journalist charlatans like Chait are no less crafty at distilling any factual account or statement down to a shorthand pack of partisan distortions that serve only their deranged dogma, which is typically the diametric opposite of truth.

Chait has NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to back up his repetitious lies about me, yet he will continue to recycle them, with each subsequent iteration having even LESS factual accuracy, precision, detail or basic truth than his last deceitful version of the same story.

As someone varyingly called a “dirty trickster”, take it from me that Chait and his fellow Clinton-Obama concubines are the real dirty tricksters. They have taken their deranged conspiracy theories into the realm of conspiracy dogma – where truth is irrelevant to propagating their faith-based zealotry and their absolute surety that events and people are exactly what their fevered partisan conspiracy fantasies want them to be.

If facts and evidence cannot support their version of reality, or as is most often the case contradict it, then lies and fabrications are just as good as long as they serve their ulterior partisan objectives.

For lazy short-cutters like Chait, who epitomize the shallow, duplicitous, yellow-journalistic proclivities of today’s corporate media leftist hive mob, it is far preferable and, indeed, their standard practice to contrive an exaggerated, if not caricaturized, version of their opponents to attack.

Their far more deceitful version of this ploy is to portray some counterfeit rendition of their opponent as the embodiment of the opponent’s ideological and political identity, as Chait once did prolifically with his “George Bush is conservatism” or “George Bush is the be all/end all of the GOP” nonsense.

George W. Chait

The irony of such sophistry is that Chait, who laughably describes himself as a “liberal hawk” (or what sane, rational people would call a craven warmongering fascist) is, in reality, perfectly aligned in almost every way with the mercenary ideology (if it can be called ideology) of George Bush, notwithstanding Chait’s superficial partisan attacks on his chickenhawk soul-brother, the Texas Yalie silver spoon-fed war criminal.

Bush was the hereditary disciple of a political cult that worships and lusts for control of an omnipotent messianic government which rules from on high, dispensing its dictates and favors from Washington and New York, perpetuating an ever-expanding, never-improving welfare-warfare state that confiscates untold trillions from current and future American taxpayers to line the pockets of political cronies, fund extravagant boondoggles, keep a massive federal workforce fat, happy and always growing, dole out more “entitlements”, and rig economic conditions to serve the ruling class of which they are the denizens.

This is precisely what Chait has always been about: massive centralized state power concnetrated in the hands of an unaccountable yet thoroughly-mediocre group of self-serving self-anointed ‘elites.’

Chait’s conundrum, though, is that you can only fool so many people for so long when all you ever do is falsely portray your opponents as something diametrically-opposite of their actual ideological and political identity.

This type of purposeful false portrayal becomes especially sticky when the opponents you falsely malign have openly-rebelled against the politicians and the politics that Chait spent more than a decade falsely proclaiming to be representative of who they are and what they believe.

People tend to get prickly about being constantly defamed and misportrayed by cheap literary hucksters like Chait. The advent of instant communications and near-universal access to the internet has only facilitated their ability to push back against and decidedly squash the deceptive misleading scams of ivory basement pseudo-intellectuals like Chait.

The fatal flaw running through all of the cheap, superficial would-be manipulations by Chait and his brand of feckless media propagandist is the simple fact that, for all of his impeccable leftist credentials and establishment statist pedigree, Chait’s mind, like his world view, is stunted and inflexible.

The serial, glaring failures of Chait’s utmost political trickery and propaganda efforts, as embodied in President Trump’s stunning smackdown of every sacred cow (and political cow) that Chait and his ilk mindlessly worship, are a direct function of how fundamentally short-sighted and unpersuasive Chait is, undeveloped by any real world experience or exposure and perpetually weighed down by his own innate (yet woefully errant) sense of superiority and entitlement.  Add thin-skinned and whiny to this mix and you have the sum total of Jonathan Chait.

The courageous (real) journalist and corruption-exposer Glenn Greenwald weighed in on one of Chait’s uber-hypocritical laments about the political correctness Chait himself has very much wrought, calling Chait one of those “journalists writing grievances about how they’re victimized by online hordes.”

Greenwald’s brilliant takedown, titled The Petulant Entitlement Syndrome of Journalists, is worth quoting at length.

Chait’s whine, says Greenwald, is “grounded in a much more pedestrian and self-regarding concern: anger over being criticized in less than civil and respectful tones by people who lack any credentials (and thus entitlement) to do so. This genre of journalistic grievance, in most cases, is nothing more than unhappiness over the realization that many people dislike what you say, or even dislike you, for reasons you regard as invalid. There’s just nothing more to it than that, no matter how much they try to dress it up as something lofty and profound.”

Chait’s Hate Is Past Its Expiration Date

Pseudo-intellectual arrogance and faux-progressive pieties, with a heaping helping of flavorless, soulless, snarky self-righteousness are not, in the long run, a recipe to win friends and influence people.  Chait’s consistent habitation of effete ideological ghettoes and the limitation of his notoriety to a narrow constituency of bloodthirsty megalomaniacal neoliberals more than demonstrate his ultimate political impotence.

In an era of instantly-transparent politics and increasing-difficulty for phony propagandists, insufferably insufferable political dolts like Chait aren’t suffered for long before they are forced to bunker down in their squalid hovels of self-referential self-righteousness, largely-compartmentalized in their own little circular oblivion, only occasionally popping up to lob some cheap falsehood-riddled ball of literary feces at their hated political adversaries.

Chait, along with his fellow traveler apologists, spinmeisters, “explainers” (straw-mansplainers, really), demonizers, defamers, and assorted attack trolls who all represent the culmination of rote leftist orthodoxy, have brought to cyberspace the standard pathos common to every state-worshipping progressive fascist.

Stunted personalities of Chait’s sort are the archetypes of authoritarian pathology: always wrong, never in doubt.

Unfortunately, only repeated political and electoral beatings, and constant vigilance, will keep Chait and his fellow Clinton-Obama Crime Syndicate corporate media war whores at bay.

Those of us who join President Trump in the work of exposing these ignominious fraud artists, as part of the larger task of making America great again, really have our work cut out for us.

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