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Robert Mueller’s Bogus Witch-Hunt

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Have you heard the latest?

Robert Mueller the biased and partisan “ Special Counsel “who has no interest whatsoever in the multiple crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and his deeply corrupted FBI and Justice Department but is on a relentless drive to remove President Donald Trump has done it again!

This time Mueller and the partisan band of left-wing hitmen on the “Get Trump squad “leaked to the media that two more people tied to me would be dragged before the Grand Jury.

If you believe the fake news media Mueller seeks to prove that I had advance knowledge of an alleged hacking of the Democratic National Committee by “the Russians” and that this alleged hack email material was then sent to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks who then passed it on to me to pass in to my friend and client if 40 years Donald Trump. This is a damnable provable lie!

The other fairy tale Mueller is pushing is the false claim that I knew that Wikileaks had obtained and would Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s incredibly incriminating emails. This also categorically false!

One of my friends Mueller and his smug band of thugs seek to browbeat before the Grand Jury is conservative author Dr. Corsi.

It was Dr. Corsi who first alerted me to the lucrative business deals and Russian collusion of John and Tony Podesta but Corsi, a brilliant researcher, got this information from already published public sources! Corsi also made me aware of an August 14, 2016 article in Breitbart News by Peter Schweizer who reported that John Podesta’s brother Tony had lobbied for the same Ukrainian political party as Paul.

While Corsi did not memorialize his findings until Aug 31 I had heard enough to post my now Iconic tweet predicting “ the Podesta’s time in the barrel (time under the same public scrutiny as Paul Manafort) would come “on August 21. Remember the context- Manafort was taking a beating in the press but I knew the Podesta’s Russian ties were more extensive and that Tony was in the same boat as Manafort.

Note in the original Tweet I said THE Podesta’s time in the barrel while THE (which is omitted in virtually every news report including ironically the final House Intelligence Committee Report) clearly refers to TWO Podestas. There is much debate about the apostrophe s in Podesta’s- I say it is correct as it is a plural possessive (referring to BOTH their time in the barrel) while others argue it should be “ Podestas if I was speaking of two people.

The other longtime contact Mueller seeks to interrogate this week is Trump hating left-wing radio host and deranged but job Randy Credico who merely confirmed for me that Wikileaks had, as it’s publisher Julian Assange told CNN in June if 2016 a trove of devastating material on Hillary and would publish the material in October before the election.

This I know- there is no evidence in my emails or texts or anywhere else or from any other party that would demonstrate that I knew about the publication or content of John Podesta’s extraordinarily embarrassing and incriminating emails in advance or that I knew about the source or content of the DNC material Wikileaks did publish .Mr. Mueller will find nothing of the sort and any claim to the contrary by anyone would be composed perjury.

If Corsi and Credico testify truthfully their testimony would be exculpatory for me but Mueller has a lifelong record of squeezing witnesses to get them to lie.

Some people should be very careful what they wish for.

UPDATE- the testimony of Dr. Jerome Corsi before the Grand Jury today was canceled.

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