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Roger Stone: Anna Paulina Luna’s Dog Savages Young Boy

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Anna Paulina Luna Dog Savages Boy

By: Roger Stone

A police report obtained by TMZ details how Ana Paulina Luna, who is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 13th district (an open seat currently held by gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Crist), and her husband knowingly brought their dog to a park where canines are not allowed. 

Hot on the heels of the revelations of Anna Paulina Luna’s ‘Murdergate” a fraud that consumed most of summer and autumn 2021, APL and her family’s criminal acts have claimed yet another victim; this time an innocent young boy. This “Bitegate” will undoubtedly end up in the courts as well, compounding APLs financial and legal trouble.

“Murdergate” involved APL lackey and performance artist Erin Olszewski, aka Nurse Erin, who placed a call at 1:00 AM on Thursday, June 10th, to illegally record Luna’s very intoxicated one-time primary opponent William Braddock. Nurse Erin proceeded to goad him into implicating every other potential primary contender in an absurd, nonsensical conspiracy to take down Luna.

Luna and Nurse Erin insist it was not metaphorical to the primary, but a cloak-and-dagger plot to physically murder APL. Luna’s husband also gave the false name of “Andy Luna” on a separate police report APL used in a failed attempt to attain restraining orders against her would-be assassins. Filing a false name on a police report is a felony in Florida. “Andy Luna’s” real name is Andy Gambersky, while “Ana Paulina Luna’s” is Anna Gambersky Mayerhoffer. 

In their worldview, they believe they are above the law; even when it comes to following simple guidelines at a local recreational park. Now, in a heartbreaking development, APL’s consistent and blatant disregard for the law has had disastrous consequences for one young nine-year-old.

The young child had to be rushed to the hospital and received eleven stitches in his forearm after APL’s off-leash dog attacked him, without notice, while the boy was playing football in the park with his father. 

The police report from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office states that the innocent boy had his football in his arm as he ran by APL’s dog, Gunner. The off-leash dog then lunged at the boy, tearing a four-inch gash in his forearm. 

In a statement released by APL, she said that Gunner is a service dog who aids her veteran husband with an unspecified emotional disability, and that the dog was working when approached by the nine-year-old boy. This is contradicted by the narrative of the police report, which included the eyewitness testimony of the boy’s father and an in-depth review of the situation by the responding police officer. 

A director of one of the largest service dog charities in the nation told us, off record, that they were unfamiliar with the organization that supposedly provided Gunner his service animal training and certification. He also confirmed that no professionally trained service dog has any business biting someone, nor would they react that way in any type of scenario similar to being present at a community park. The longtime service dog non-profit expert indicated misgivings about the standard of training provided by the organization APL alleges her husband received the dog from, as well. 

Christine Quinn, a successful Tampa Bay Area businesswoman, who is the latest to jump into the GOP primary against APL in Florida’s 13th congressional district, tweeted a photo of the dog.

In her tweet, Quinn questions whether Gunner was the Belgian Malinois decked out in campaign gear in APL’s controversial “Stolen Valor” photos, where APL is decked out in combat gear giving voters the impression that she is a combat veteran, which she is not. Misrepresenting a military record “Stolen Valor” is illegal in Florida and yet another felony APL can be charged with committing. 

If it proves to be Gunner in those photos, then APL’s husband Andy lied in the official police report when he stated that Gunner is 16 months old. The “Stolen Valor” photos are older than 16 months themselves and Gunner is fully grown in those photos. 

This is only the latest example in a long list of well-documented instances of Anna Luna’s dishonesty running afoul of the law. Because she continues to violate the law with her veritable crime spree of dishonesty and misrepresentations, one can only hope that karma catches up to Anna Paulina Luna, also known as, Anna Mayerhoffer Gambersky.

Her duplicity knows no bounds. From bearing false witness, not only to God, but also to law enforcement in order to eliminate her political enemies, it has become clear that she has no respect for the spiritual or earthly tenets of truth. 

She even lies about her own ethnic and racial background. Anna Mayerhoffer has no Hispanic lineage nor is she fluent in Spanish, yet she insists on telling voters that she is “Anna Paulina Luna”.

The vicious ways in which she goes after her opponents rivals the actions of Tanya Harding, without the Olympic sporting talents, of course. On the other hand, her knack for scoring the endorsement of prominent MAGA men in spite of her lengthy rap sheet of cons and dubious conservative credentials is quite medal worthy! Her skill at playing the victim may even rise to the level of the Academy Awards, but when it comes to the health and safety of minors it is no longer a joke and nobody is laughing. We are left wondering, why can’t Luna ever tell the truth? 

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