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Roger Stone Associate: “We Had No Part In Jan 6th”

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Having worked alongside Roger Stone for nearly 14 years, and my decade-long experience running a pro-conservative PR Firm, I have become accustomed to the dishonest tactics of the mainstream media and their allies in the Democrat party. They have always manufactured a false narrative and repeated the lies a thousand times, just like Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels did, until the public at large comes to accept their lies as indisputable facts. 

We saw this during the 2016 elections, the Trump presidency, the 2020 elections, and the aftermath of that election leading up to Joe Biden’s inauguration in January of 2021. And with President Trump’s courageous and righteous decision to pardon Roger Stone and people like General Flynn before leaving office, they are at it again trying to exact their pound of flesh on their political enemies, hoping to eradicate activists like Roger Stone and millions of Americans from being able to engage in the political process. 

So what exactly happened on January 6th in Washington D.C. as it pertains to Roger Stone. The facts are simple and crystal clear. I booked Roger to speak at the Rally to Save America the night prior and was led to believe by Women for America First that he was supposed to speak the following afternoon on January 6th, at a rally they organized which featured President Donald J. Trump. After a completely peaceful rally on January 5th, which attracted thousands of brave American patriots, we woke up the next morning expecting to attend the rally at the Ellipse. 

However, despite Women for America First promoting Stone as a speaker (see video) and insisting that they were sending a transport for Mr. Stone and our team to the Willard Hotel, the escort never came. As we were waiting, the staff at the Hotel Willard asked anyone congregating in the lobby to stay out of the cold to step outside in order to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Mayor of Washington D.C. A simple walk outside, which lasted mere minutes, is the first part of the dishonest conspiracy theory by the mainstream media and Democrat elected officials that Mr. Stone was somehow organizing the insurrection, or had some sort of advanced knowledge of what was going to happen later that day. 

This, of course, is pure bunk, but that has not stopped CNN from doing a “documentary” on January 6th claiming Roger was the mastermind behind the insurrection, which has since prompted the DOJ to announce they are formally investigating his role in the attack on our capitol. Freethinkers see this as what it really is, a fabricated fairytale that the Biden DOJ is using in order to bankrupt Roger Stone with another witch-hunt investigation and to send a shot across the bow to anyone who questions their crafted and predetermined narrative about the 2020 elections. 

Neither myself, Roger Stone, or anyone connected to Roger Stone planned or had any role in the January 6th insurrection. In fact, after I determined that nobody would be escorting us to the rally at the Ellipse, we returned to our hotel suite at the Willard and watched everything unfold on TV. Pastor Randy Coggins and his wife, Pastor Mark Burns, Angela Stanton King, George Papadopoulos, and his wife Simona were present both during the time we were waiting to go to the rally and when we returned to our hotel suite. They were present when Roger Stone and I first learned of the so-called “riot” at the capital. They were also present when the Secret Service called the room to see if they could escort Roger Stone to the Capitol as was I. Roger Stone wisely declined. Two Baptist ministers and a New York Police officer heard this conversation yet the fake news claims the suspicious effort by the Secret Service is a “conspiracy theory” and never happened. It did. I was there.

Women for America First, who appear to have promoted  Roger’s name as a speaker to perhaps to make him look like the mastermind of the rally at the Ellipse, thus would have to have had prior knowledge of the eruption at the Capitol. They have been dead silent as they allow the media and Democrats to spread incredibly vile lies that Mr. Stone was responsible for the insurrection. On countless occasions, Mr. Stone has condemned the attack and all forms of political violence. To date, Amy Kremer, who founded and leads America First, has not admitted that she never sent transport for Roger, perhaps in an attempt to allow him to absorb the blame that may fall squarely on her shoulders. 

The FBI and DOJ are happy to victimize Roger Stone again, both of which are extremely upset that he is not rotting away in federal prison based on their railroading of Stone on fabricated charges separated from his wife Nydia, who was recently diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. This is who they are. They not only want to silence their political opposition in the name of justice, they want anyone who opposes them dead or languishing behind bars. 

In Mueller’s s long-hidden final report – released only by Court order from the DOJ in a midnight press release – the Special Counsel admitted that had founds no “factual”  evidence” to prove that Roger Stone was involved in Russian Collusion or a collaborator of Wikileaks as well as having any connection to John Podesta’s highly embarrassing emails. You can’t lie to Congress about matters you know nothing about.

Mueller, whose prosecutors forced me to fly to Washington to testify for the grand jury. They have yet to reimburse my travel of $790 with the hotel. They stuck a single mom working an honest job before the Grand Jury, they were vicious, badgering, belittling, nasty, preening, controlling, and they simply disregarded any of my testimony that Randy Credico was Roger’s source on Wikileaks and that Credico “ heard things” because he was connected to a woman lawyer who represented Wikileaks . Roger Stone was railroaded by these thugs.

We as Americans must do everything in our power to combat these lies and tactics, peacefully and within the realm of the laws of this nation. Failing to counter these lies and gross misuses of power only hasten our slide into a socialist hellscape from which we will never return. 

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