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Roger Stone: Corsi Statement Devoid Of Logic

by Domain Admin

Jerry Corsi’s claim that I needed after-the-fact cover for my now iconic Podesta Tweet on August 21, 2016, is devoid of logic. At the time that Tweet went completely unnoticed and unreported, I did not need anything to deflect attention. I steadfastly maintain that Jerry, who had been researching the Podesta brothers, brought their business dealings to my attention, and that is what prompted my Tweet. I asked him if he would write it up, and he agreed, it took him until August 30th/August 31st to do so.

Go back and look at the reporting at the time, it was not until AFTER the Podesta emails were released that my Tweet got any attention. Jerry is simply mistaken that what we discussed was a cover. Ask yourself, ‘a cover for what?’ In August 2016, there was no investigation, no special counsel, no congressional committees, and no subpoenas, why would a story be necessary?

As for the claim that I had advanced knowledge of that Billy Bush tape and asked Dr. Corsi to contact WikiLeaks to urge them to schedule their data dump to distract from this news event it is pure unmitigated unadulterated bullshit. It is allegedly based on Coursey his memory of a phone call. There is no email or text record that would indicate that this is even remotely true. How much did Jerry have to drink or how hard did the prosecutors have to squeeze him to make this nonsense up?


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