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Roger Stone: Dispatch From The Georgia Front

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The two Republicans on the Georgia State Voter Canvassing Board, who were opposed to certifying the fraudulent recount of Georgia votes, have now changed their position after being subjected to over 100 individual death threats. 

In some cases, those leftists issuing the dire warnings made it clear to Georgia Republicans that they “know where your children go to school.” 

The recount is insufficient in terms of partisan monitors. The State Supreme Court has disallowed the simple requirement that the voter registration card’s signature be matched with that of the voter. 

Under current state law, any person can drop into Georgia and register just 30 days before the Jan 2 run-off. 

So far, Governor Brian Kemp refuses to call a special session of the Legislature to restore the deadline to the previous 90 days. He fears that the Legislature will expose the fraud and corruption of the original count and recount. 

Thankfully, the State Attorney General put everyone on notice that moving and registering in Georgia from out of state without intent to maintain permanent residence is a felony

It is not clear how this will affect the busloads of South Carolina and Florida residents that were bussed into Georgia to register with transportation courtesy of George Soros. 

Certification of the fraudulent count will take place Thursday. 

Patriots are conducting peaceful protests outside the State Capital TODAY but with a MASSIVE PROTEST at the same location Saturday. BE THERE! 

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