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Roger Stone in West Palm Beach: ‘I will never roll on Donald Trump’

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(Palm Beach Post) As special counsel Robert Mueller appears to be zeroing in on him, Roger Stone told hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump in West Palm Beach on Monday night that he’ll never turn against Trump, even if Mueller tries to “frame me for some extraneous crime.”

The longtime Trump confidant spoke to the Club 45 PBC, a sort of Trump booster club that regularly draws hundreds of the president’s supporters to its meetings at the Palm Beach Kennel Club. Stone got big applause when he asserted his innocence and pledged his loyalty to Trump. He got bigger cheers — and chants of “Lock her up!” — when he said Bill and Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted.

Stone, who said he could rack up more than $2 million in legal fees because of Mueller’s probe, also put in a plug for his legal defense fund and for his recent book, “Stone’s Rules,” which he signed after his remarks.

In Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, prosecutors have interviewed several Stone associates, heightening speculation that Stone is a target. Fort Lauderdale resident Stone communicated in 2016 with Wikileaks, which prosecutors have branded a front for Russian interference efforts, but he said he had no inside information on its release of stolen Democratic documents.

“The FBI tried to question my cleaning lady and FBI agents have been seen sifting through my garbage,” Stone said. “Here’s what I can tell you: they will find no evidence of Russian collusion…They will find no evidence of Wikileaks collaboration.”

Stone, who began urging Trump to run for president in the 1980s, contrasted himself with another longtime Trump confidant, Michael Cohen, the former Trump personal attorney who has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

“I’m ready. I will never roll on Donald Trump. Michael Cohen I am not,” Stone said. “One reporter asked me last week ‘Are you worried?’ I don’t worry. I make other people worry.”

If Stone showed any worry, it was over the upcoming midterm elections, which he warned will be tough for Republicans.

Stone said Trump could help the GOP cause by making an Oval Office address to tout economic gains under his adminstration and explain what he called the Obama administration’s use of a “phony dossier” to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“The president must frame this election. We know what the Democrats are running on. It’s really simple: ‘We hate Donald Trump.’ We need to run on peace and prosperity and we need to expose the constitutional abuses, far worse than Watergate, by the administration of Barack Obama,” Stone said. “And we have to demand the prosecution of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

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