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Roger Stone leaves Footprints in Oregon

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Roger stone

My dear friend Roger:

In the 40 years since my path first crossed yours, you stood out in the crowd for many reasons — and at the top of the list was your outspoken tenacity. You had courage, even at a young age — and as we grew older, you ended up being one of the most true blue of all the Reaganites, and there was never any doubt on where you stood.

You’ve stood the test of time, Roger — and gotten better with age, even more tenacious and courageous. Seeing you in action giving the keynote at the Dorchester Conference was a joy to behold, as you are one of those incredible people in history that were at the center of action during those times when the world was changing.

Roger Stone Speaks to the Dorchester Conference in Salem, Oregon

I cannot thank you enough for your graciousness, your generosity with your time while at the Conference, your accessibility to a roomful of people who are truly the salt of the earth, your kindness to every person who approached to shake your hand — and the sharing of your wisdom and observations with these earnest and hard-working political operatives who will never forget the time they spent with you. They’ll be talking about it for years to come.

You were your usual exceptional self, Roger. I am grateful for everything you did to make the weekend so successful and could go on and on — instead I will just share with you the words that my friend Patrick Sheehan spoke in introducing you at the Conference. He said it perfectly:

“Roger Stone is quite simply the most effective conservative political operative of all time. He has not only been present at every major Republican presidential victory since Nixon – most would agree that he was the architect of some major component of each campaign. It is an undisputed fact that he created Donald Trump the candidate – and put an end to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

He is flamboyant, eccentric, unpredictable and provocative – the exact opposite of what we’ve become accustomed to from milquetoast politicians and their focus-group tested messaging designed not to offend.

… and ladies and gentlemen – it is safe to say you are about to be offended. You are about to be provoked. And you are about to be blown away by what history will see as the most interesting and successful political influencer of the 21st century. I am so excited to welcome to the Dorchester Conference stage … the Agent Provocateur … Roger Stone.

Thank you, Roger, for continuing to be a hero to me.

Please tell Nydia how impressed I was with Nick, the grandson sent by Hollywood Central Casting. What a class act, and he clearly was a chip off of the old block.

Your pal always,
Michele Davis

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