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Roger Stone: My Crime Is I Supported Donald Trump – NewsMax

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Political strategist Roger Stone said Friday he’s not seeing that he’s being indicted as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, but he does believe that he could be framed because he supports President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign.

At any rate, Stone told Newsmax TV‘s “Newsmax Now,” that he won’t cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.

“If the government thinks that they can make up some crime and squeeze me to testify against the president that is that is not going to happen,” Stone said. “I can tell you what my crime is right now,” Stone added. “I supported Donald Trump. I supported Donald Trump for president. “

Stone said that he has not been interviewed by the FBI or brought before a grand jury by Mueller or in other cases relating to the special counsel’s investigation, but if he had, there would be “liberal commentators” saying that was an indication of an imminent indictment, and it would have been known immediately.

“It’s indicative of nothing particular,” he told Newsmax TV. “There is no Russian collusion. There is no WikiLeaks collaboration, there is no other crime.”

However, Stone said he could be charged with some other offense, as he’s now “under a microscope where they are going through every molecule of my being.”

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