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Roger Stone: On-Air Service of Left-Wing Harassment Lawsuit Becomes Fake News Media Frenzy

by Domain Admin

By Roger Stone

When I was accepted service in the early morning of September 16th in a bogus January 6th-related civil suit, while on the radio (via cellphone) being interviewed by Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit and Kell Brazil, for “Real Talk” 93.3 in St. Louis, Missouri, it very quickly became a trending media frenzy.

It reminded me of the pre-dawn hours of January 25, 2019, when 29 heavily armed FBI agents stormed my home to arrest me for the fabricated crime of “lying to Congress,” an act of overreach which shocked the nation and exposed the politically motivated bullying tactics of Mueller and his thugs.

That I was served in a civil lawsuit that was announced weeks ago in which the shady left-wing “Lawyers for Civil Rights Under Law” recruited seven Capitol Hill police officers to file a baseless and abusive lawsuit against President Trump and me claiming, falsely, that we conspired with others to deny the officers their civil rights and to endanger them was neither surprising nor out of the ordinary.

In fact, The Gateway Pundit was the first media organization to expose the continuing, corrupt, baseless, and relentless legal attacks against me and my wife when we lost virtually everything we own and my wife is struggling with stage 4 cancer.

Although The Washington Examiner did at least accurately report my statement that the lawsuit is “baseless, groundless, unsubstantiated and entirely devoid of evidence,” but got other key facts wrong.

In fact, every one of these fake news outlets – the very same news outlets who insisted in a drumbeat of attacks that I colluded with the Russians and collaborated with WikiLeaks to elect Donald Trump for over two years – and who now insist despite the lack of any evidence or proof whatsoever – now insist that I must have been involved in some way in the illegal acts of January 6th. In other words, all of these media outlets acted as if the allegations in this bogus and politically motivated lawsuit are facts. Once again, my name is clickbait for drooling leftists suffering from Stone Derangement Syndrome.

Here are some examples:

  • WASHINGTON POST: Roger Stone Served ‘a big, big stack of papers’ from Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • USA TODAY: Roger Stone Served with Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Radio Interview
  • THE INDEPENDENT: Roger Stone Interrupted During Radio Interview to be Served With Jan 6 Lawsuit
  • YAHOO NEWS: Roger Stone Served in Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Interview
  • NEWSWEEK: Roger Stone Served With Capitol Riots Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • THE DAILY BEAST: Roger Stone Interrupted on Live Radio to Be Served With Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • THE HILL: Roger Stone Served with Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Radio Interview
  • THE SEATTLE TIMES: Roger Stone, During Radio Interview, is Served ‘a big, big stack of papers’ From Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • SALON: Roger Stone Served Jan. 6 Lawsuit Papers During Live Radio Interview (Salon actually cops to cribbing the story from Raw Story which is like getting it from the sewer!)
  • RAW STORY: Roger Stone Interrupted During Radio Interview to Get Served Papers for Capitol Riot Lawsuit
  • THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Roger Stone Served with Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Lawsuit During Live Radio Interview

In other words, all of these stories – and dozens of more like them-neglect to mention that the lawsuit filed by the Obama-affiliated “Lawyers For Civil Right Under Law” is more of a sensationalized press release. The assertion  President Trump and I conspired with others to deny the civil rights of seven Capitol Hill Police Officers and for “endangering” them- is categorically false. Everything I said and did on January 5th fell well within under my First Amendment free speech rights, and I most certainly never urged anyone to hurt anyone else at any time, including January 6th at the US Capitol. I certainly never advocated lawlessness, violence, or insurrection. This lawsuit is based on ‘guilt by association, conjecture, speculation, and lies.

This “lawfare” lawsuit – meaning the filing, for political motivations, of incendiary, clever and sensational charges although devoid of any evidence or proof, but filing in a politically sympathetic jurisdiction, and dragging the matter out in order to generate more bad publicity for the target and force them to pay massive legal fees just to get the frivolous lawsuit dismissed, when the sensationalized lawsuit is dismissed, it will receive no coverage whatsoever from the very same media outlets who gave broad coverage to the filing of the original defamatory charges by the plaintiffs.

The left-wing lawyers and the media are in it together but their actions in this suit are an abuse of the judicial system and they run the very real risk of a Rule 11 Violation ruling against them. I have already won dismissal in two previous harassment lawsuits, one by the left-wing-Obama connected “Project Democracy” and the other by the Democratic National Committee. Both were designed to drain my financial resources at the same time I was seeking to defend myself in the Mueller Investigation

I will not waver in my fight for Justice. Patriots who want to help me in my never-ending struggle with the Deep State can contribute to StoneDefenseFund.com.

God bless you.

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Sharon Elliott October 5, 2021 - 10:42 pm

Mr Stone, what the liberals did to you angered the MAGA movement. You are loved by many. Most knew you were set up. This happened to you because of your gift of writing. You now have the fire you need to put everything in words with feelings. We all thank you and your wife for what each of you had to endure. When President Trump is back in office, you can write about all the whistle blowers who put their lives on the line for our country; 2nd, how hard he was working behind the scenes while at Mar-a-Lago; 3rd, how President Trump MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AGAIN during his 2nd term.


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