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Roger Stone on Andrew Cuomo’s Comeback

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No one should underestimate the tenacious drive, or brass knuckle tactics, of recently resigned New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The New York Post reports that the former governor is plotting a comeback, are undercut by a filing not widely reported in the New York press

While it is true that Cuomo is still sitting on tens of millions of dollars in campaign funds, Governor Cuomo quietly filed his application for service retirement per OSC. The date of retirement is September 1st, 2021.

Unlike some politicians, there is no evidence that Cuomo has used his power as governor to enrich himself preferring to use his high-pressure tactics of raising campaign cash to benefit his campaigns  In other words he needs the money. That’s why he agreed to resign: stopping the impeachment which would prevent him from collecting retirement.

The implications of Cuomo’s resignation are far broader than just the final act of a methodical, vindictive, and powerful governor who used all the levers of power to keep his intra-party rivals and the media at bay.

It is entirely conceivable that Andrew Cuomo could be the last white male nominated for state-wide office by the New York Democratic Party. While Republican registration in the state has dropped to all-time lows, with GOP registration in New York City now at just 18%, the white Catholic working-class exodus in the New York Democrat party has also receded. This shift in voter base explains the defeat of Queens County Democratic Chairman and Congressman Joe Crowley by socialist AOC. The ascent of socialists has dramatically changed the makeup of the electorate in the New York State Democratic Party. State Senator, moderate Democrat, and former NYPD Captain Eric Adams was able to squeeze out a victory in the New York City Democratic Primary for Mayor because he was an African-American.

Of those considering challenging Governor Kathy Hochul, all are minorities including the probably front runner Attorney General Leticia James who’s investigation effectively ended the reign of Governor Cuomo.

This trend is problematic for the Democratic party corporate way with congresswoman AOC openly considering a primary challenge to US Senat Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer.

The socialists and left-wing extremists, nurtured for votes by the big city Democratic machines in New York City, Buffalo, and Albany, are now in control of the party and have nothing but contempt for moderate, or even labor Democrats.

Any come back bid by  Andrew Cuomo would not only have to deal with the damage his reputation has suffered in the “#MeToo” scandal, but would be bucking the trend of history.

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