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Roger Stone On CNN Text Leak

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Statement of Roger Stone on CNN report of leak of text messages….

Tonight CNN reported the leak of three cherry picked texted messages between my former friend of almost 20 years, Randy Credico, who I have honestly identified under oath as the source that told me that the Clinton material that Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange told CNN he had and would publish in June 2016 was ‘political dynamite. Credico told the material would be published in October which I actively hyped on Twitter.

The idea that I urged Credico not to co-operate with the Mueller investigation is false. A hand full of texts out of over 1000 text messages were leaked to create a false impression.

Our text and email messages have to been seen in their totality to see the is no serious effort to intimidate or pressure Randy to do anything, other than fess up to the truth.

When he says I should go to jail before I reveal his identity to investigators, or that he won’t come to my apartment as it is bugged by the feds for example. They did not mention the messages where I tell him to tell the truth, or where he asserts his rights as a journalist not to testify, or where he claims to be so heavily medicated that he cannot remember anything chronologically in 2016 or his claim to have prostate cancer that he now publicly denies.

Our texts are the late-night bickering of two grumpy political veterans, who have known each other for years. They are friendly as well as nasty, ribald, vicious, inconsistent, humorous and vile.

He was busting my balls late one night in January when he said he had a subpoena from Mueller (which he did not have since  his lawyer announced that he had received one seven months later in August) and since I knew he was screwing with me my response was jocular. I accused him of wearing a wire and he said my apartment was bugged. We were both joking. One would have to see all the texts in context to see that none of this is serious.

The texts reflect that it was his lawyer who advised him to plead the Fifth Amendment before the Congress.

As I have said previously my threat to take his dog was based on my observation he was not feeding the poor animal. He was unemployed at the time and I thought the dog was being mistreated. I have written extensively on my animal welfare activities on the Daily Caller.

We accused each other of being drug addicts and drunkards. My position on Marijuana is well known as I am an outspoken proponent of legalization and live in a state where it is legal for medical use.

We call each other vile names and while he hates being called a back channel, nothing in our exchanges proves he was not my confirming source on the Wikileaks disclosures or that I had any direct contact with Assange or Wikileaks. I have not communicated with Randy since April .

My attorney Bruce Rogow released this statement

“The texts that have made their way to the press do not tell the whole story. My office has reviewed months of exchanges between Mr. Credico and Mr. Stone and the selectively leaked texts must be read in context and within the totality of the conversations between, what at the time, was two old friends.

There is nothing in there that would be anything other than Mr. Stone and Mr. Credico exercising their 1st Amendment rights, nothing supports any notion of obstruction of justice or any improper activity. To think otherwise misunderstands their relationship.”



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