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Roger Stone Warns Of Election Fraud, Media Spins False Narrative Once Again

by Domain Admin

The dishonesty of the mainstream news media is becoming even more apparent as their hysterical efforts to prop up another thoroughly debunked narrative about me grow increasingly tedious. Their entirely inaccurate reporting of my comments will be clear to anyone who listens to my interview with Alex Jones or reads the transcripts.

As we have seen from the beginning of the Trump presidency, the left always accuse Trump of exactly those things that they themselves are doing. The money laundered financing of the Steele Dossier by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, with the assistance of Russian intelligence assets, is a perfect example. It was the Clinton campaign that was colluding with the Russians, not Trump’s.

The leaders of the Democratic Party and their handmaidens in the corporate owned media industry have been completely open about their intention to steal the 2020 presidential election through rampant voter fraud, at the same time attempting to limit the presidents legal and political ability to stop them from committing this crime Several days ago when I joined Alex Jones on Infowars, I sounded the alarm about the forthcoming perfect storm of voting fraud and election meddling in the 2020 election. The writing is on the wall.

Despite the misleading headlines from most of the usual suspects… such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Yahooo, and sadly the Business insider and their ilk. I did not urge President Donald Trump to declare martial law in the event that he lost the election. What I did say was that if there was overwhelming evidence of fraud, the president would be completely within his legal rights to implement the Insurrection Act, as well declaring Martial Law if the Democrats and they’re not very well disguised thugs step up the violence in America’s cities. For Americans, politically motivated violence in the streets is a stunning new development that requires stronger action by the government to protect the sanctity of an accurate election. It is not a surprise that these groups are planning election-day activities. That includes harassing voters at the polls as a form of intimidation, again exactly what they are falsely accusing us of right now.

We have long known that Democrat controlled cities and states like New York, California, Chicago and liberal locales around the nation regularly commit voter fraud, it’s been happening for decades. Whether it’s dead people, cats and dogs, illegal immigrants or those legally not allowed to vote, people voting multiple times, ballot brokers and Democrat Party officials have used their vast resources to fight regularly scheduled cleaning of the voter lists to remove the names of those who have either died or have moved from the jurisdiction.

President Trump has been wise to alert the American public about voter fraud, as he ran for President of the United States in 2016 and currently as president. This angers Democrats and their handmaidens in the mainstream media, who hate that he is exposing how the Democrat Party has cheated at the ballot box for decades and how they plan on doing so again in 2020. They claim that the idea of voter fraud is a “myth”, and that is because they know how real it is and how dirty their hands are.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and countless Democrats have repeatedly made statements about Trump “not being re-elected… NO MATTER WHAT”, blatantly admitting that they do not intend on Donald Trump being re-elected. This means that they intend on stealing the election.

Further proof of their intentions is the statement by increasingly mentally unstable Hillary Clinton, who insists that Joe Biden should not concede, regardless of the results of the election. This is just more proof that the Democrats intend to perpetrate a fraud upon the American people and will never except a democratically derived decision by the American people

So, when I joined Alex Jones and stated that President Trump should use all legal means necessary to expose and stop election fraud, they lost their minds. Headline after headline stated that I was suggesting that President Trump enact martial law if he loses the election and lock up anyone involved in his loss. This is patently false and they know it. I never said that President Trump should use the power of these state to nullify the election if he loses and President Trump has said dozens of times that if he loses fair and square that he will accept the results.

Despite this and the evidence of the Democrats past history of voter fraud and public plans to steal this next election, they are attempting to make me the boogeyman calling for President Trump to refuse legitimate election results. Further, George Soros’ Election Transition operation has stated they plan to close down polling sites and you can be sure that domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM will run rampant across America intimidating and harassing Trump voters in an effort to scare them from casting their vote for President Trump.

This is why we must not only be prepared for what happens on election day, but also do everything we can between now and November 3rd to protect the integrity of our elections and STOP THE STEAL.

The Democrats plan to intimidate voters at the polling places through their alliances with Black Lives Matter and Antifa, as well as they are more traditional forms of election thievery including the manipulation of electronica voting machines, Double and Triple voting, the voting of ineligible illegal immigrants, not to mention those dead people will come back for an earthly visit only on election day.

If the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign are not going to launch an effort to carefully monitor what happens in the electoral process – before, during, and after election day… then I will have no choice but to do it in order to protect the integrity of our elections.

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