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Roger Stone’s Plan To Save America

by Domain Admin

In the wake of the widespread irregularities and anomalies in the 2020 Presidential Election, many Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians, Republicans, Libertarians, Free Thinkers and those who recognize the establishment’s agenda to radically change America are discouraged, disheartened, and, in many cases, just plain scared. These fears have been compounded by the mainstream corporate-owned media’s unwillingness to report accurately about the overwhelming evidence of both fraud and corruption.

The cabal of the Democratic Party, and the viciously biased fake news media, led by the Chinese Communist Party, have facilitated the systematic reversal of all of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments. In doing so, they have undone the economic success of the previous administration, whether it was the roaring job market, record low unemployment, exponential wage growth, or unprecedented opportunity recorded for all Americans but especially minorities. 

They have also managed to undermine Trump’s restoration of our muscular national defense, energy independence, and a foreign policy which kept our Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Iranian enemies in check. Now the scourge of radical Islam is left to flourish in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and America, all while our government fails even to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, human trafficking, and disease into the United States.

The media, in their single-minded insistence that there is “no evidence of election fraud whatsoever,” reveal the depth of their ideological motivation. The federal courts, and virtually every state legislature, have refused to examine the claims of irregularities and the many anomalies associated with the last election. This came as a shock to many Patriots who truly believed that this cannot happen in America.

However, this is not a time for retreat or defeatism. The Bible tells us definitively that good triumphs in the end and that God hates injustice, corruption, and evil. Our politics are no longer just a partisan contest between two parties who love America but have different governing principles.

When I said that I viewed the fight for America’s future in apocalyptic terms as “a struggle between light and dark; […] between God and the godless, […] between good and evil and that we are struggling to preserve not only our Constitution but western civilization as we know it” – CNN accused me of advocating violence.

Let me be clear. The statement of my Christian values, and my ominous view of the fight ahead of us, in no way advocates for or justifies violence. The accusation that it does is naked religious bigotry. Ad hominem attacks such as this are the reason I do not trust CNN.

There is a way forward, but four major initiatives must be completed in order to change the direction of the United States. I call it Roger Stone’s P.L.A.N. To Save America. We only have a  short 17 months until the 2022 Congressional elections, so we must act with urgency to implement my 4 step plan. We must Protect our elections,  Leave big tech, Abandon the RINO’s, and Nominate America First candidates.

The political backdrop is set for a strong resurgence of America First candidates in 2022. Higher taxes and the politicization of COVID-19 to restrict our Constitutional rights as well as the freedoms of everyday life are offensive to the American spirit. Daily reminders of why Democrats are the wrong option for America are evident from skyrocketing food prices and shortages of daily necessities to an economy in which jobs go unfilled because Americans now get paid more to do nothing than finding honest work. 

Growing international threats, as proven by China’s role in the development and proliferation of the Wuhan virus, Russia moving troops to the border of Ukraine, and Iran’s brazen attacks on American ships threaten our National Security. As good as the issues are for Republican candidates in 2022, we will not be successful in taking back the legislative branch of government unless we can be guaranteed that our elections will be honestly and fairly conducted.

We need a comprehensive effort to reform state election laws and the resources to run effective grassroots campaigns to pressure legislatures and Governors to make election laws fair, transparent, and secure from manipulation. While we can effectively ensure honest elections in those states dominated by a Republican Governor, and where Republican’s control both houses of the legislature, it is vital to note that the outcome of the 2022 and 2024 elections will hinge on a dozen states. Election law reform in those states with a Democratic Governor and Democrat dominance of the legislature must come by state Constitutional amendments. 

All 50 states have entirely different legal procedures for the amendment of their state Constitution, but none of them are insurmountable. All of them require mass mobilization of Patriots, in some cases, to put these vital reform amendments on the ballot and in other cases to pursue Constitutional amendment through the prescribed state processes which are not electorate based. Our greatest asset is our numbers. There is a reason why President Donald Trump could get 45,000 people to a rally while hapless Joe Biden could barely muster a crowd of 200. In numbers, there is strength. Now is no time for fair-weather soldiers, the weak-kneed or the uncertain. Those in the MAGA movement must be the foot soldiers in the effort to demand state election law reform that will guarantee fair elections in America’s future.

It will be difficult to rally public opinion in support of our cause if we cannot communicate with each other as well as the American people. That is why breaking the near-absolute control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States is imperative for our cause.

In 2016, the same corporate media shills who hated Donald Trump, covered up the corruption of the Democratic Party and actively pushed forward the Globalist Agenda, dominated broadcast media, cable television (with the single exception of the Fox weekday evening lineup), print media, and the most heavily trafficked areas of the Internet. However, the rise of a vibrant alternative conservative and objective media coupled with the unfettered access of Trump supporters, Christians, Republicans, Libertarians, and all other freethinkers to social media provided the necessary platform for President Trump to effectively counterpunch against his partisan media critics. In 2020, we were stripped of this beachhead.

Although Google, Amazon, Apple, and their compatriots dominate the Internet, they do not own it. They own programs that allow them to wage a widespread campaign of censorship by de-platforming and censoring those who do not pass their ideological purity test. They kicked conservatives off last year in massive numbers for suggesting the Coronavirus originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which they admit is now true a year later. 

It does not have to be this way.

It is possible to build Internet platforms that are virtually impossible to de-platform; including social media, web hosting, news, and crowdfunding sites open to all, but which do not censor or discriminate against Conservatives. Mike Lindell is a courageous pioneer who recognized this necessity earlier than most but whose valiant Patriotic efforts have been hampered by outside hackers and Trojan Horse quislings.

American will not be saved by one new sturdy Internet platform. We seek not Internet platforms exclusive to Trump supporters or Conservatives but vibrant Internet platforms open to all. The free market will bring the American people there as Twitter has become a cesspool of hate, bigotry, and smears. And Facebook has kneecapped anyone who questions their extraordinarily, amorphous, and sketchy guidelines – most likely drafted in Peking.

We will never be able to rally public opinion effectively unless we end the total control and censorship of all mass communication in the United States. Broadcast TV is on life support, and cable will soon be obsolete, but a level playing field on the internet is the key to our political revival. The development of viable and well-trafficked platforms on the Internet must be forefront in our minds in our effort to take back America. If we achieve this, it makes all future objectives of our America First movement easier to obtain.

It is not just Democrats that pose an issue. The Republican Party needs fundamental reform at all levels. It is indeed true that thousands of the Republican state and county committee seats go empty because no person has filed to run for these positions as laid out by state law regarding state parties. The RINOs in control of most state party apparatus want these positions vacant and fear them being filled by Patriots. We must recruit activists from the coalitions we build to compete in every seat. Meaning, we must not only challenge the RINOs, as this is a tough task, but the America First majority must assert itself in the new Republican Party. 

We must clean the gutless out of the GOP. We must nominate men and women who support the America First agenda, the Second Amendment, and the basic tenants and fair application of the U.S. Constitution. Those who betrayed the President in the House and voted to certify, an at-best, questionable election must each face one strong, viable, and well-funded primary challenger. Those who supported the creation of a commission to investigate the events of January 6th yet continue to ignore the abuses of speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Justice Department, and the FBI must also be challenged, defeated, and expelled from the America First movement.

If we can re-establish our ability to communicate with each other and the American people, win real reform to guarantee the integrity of our electoral process, and remake the Republican Party, the fourth imperative in my plan to save America is the nomination and election of a candidate who will reverse America’s current disastrous course and return to the proven successful politics of President Donald Trump.

President Trump himself is, as of today, our strongest candidate. Trump is a force of nature, who, at age 73, exudes both boundless energy and undiminished commitment to make America great again. Partisan New York prosecutors are seeking to fabricate bogus charges against the President because they fear his return to the ballot because of his strength as a candidate.

In the event President Donald J. Trump does not choose to run, we must be careful to select a candidate who can galvanize the grassroots of the America First community in the same way that 45 did. 

The nomination of an America First candidate, however, will only be worth having if we can communicate freely with the American people, reform our election process, and purged the Republican party of its ineffectual, feckless, white wine-swilling country club Republicans who see the GOP simply as a means of achieving power and personal enrichment. The fight is not over, and I still believe that we will prevail, that is why I created Roger Stone’s 4 step PLAN to save America. 

For more information, or to get involved with my PLAN, please visit rogerstonesplantosaveamerica.com.

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