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George Soros has for decades seemed to have the ability to infect anything like a virus he views as a threat to globalism.  He’s funded anarchist rioters, the Libertarian Party, and now is setting his sights on the Marijuana Legalization movement.  More disturbing is that this was pointed out that a Soros backed Marijuana PAC was allowed to have an official breakfast event that the 2018 Republican Party of Texas State Convention.

This author attended the convention as a delegate along with Greg Lewis who also attended the breakfast.  The Breakfast was administered by “Texans for Responsible Marijuana” PAC and as stated earlier, was a sanctioned event at the Republican Party of Texas 2018 State convention in San Antonio and even took place at the San Antonio Convention Center, the main venue for the RPT Convention.

Greg took information about the PAC including photos of the PAC’s underwriters/sponsors to send to Roger Stone to see if there could be a coordinated effort between this PAC and Roger’s effort to legalize Marijuana at a national level.  Roger sent the material to one of his associates who quickly saw that one of Texans for Responsible Marijuana’s underwriters/sponsors was the “Drug Policy Alliance” which is not only funded by George Soros, but Soros also sits on The Board for the Drug Policy Alliance as well.  http://www.drugpolicy.org/about-us#staff-board

Doing my own research on some of “Texans for Responsible Marijuana’s” other underwriters/sponsors, I uncovered that the Marijuana Policy Project or MMP and NORML has as a member of their respective Boards, Bill Maher.  Maher who is best known for his former television program on the ABC Network “Politically Incorrect” and his current HBO television program “Real Time” has followed the course of many individuals who identify as libertarian, initially critical of big government Republicans such as the Bush Family while promoting civil liberties such as gay marriage and pot legalization.

However when Donald Trump became a candidate for president and when Tea Party Supporters realized he was the closest person to a member of the Paul family that could actually win the 2016 election, Trump and his supporters got attacked by the libertarians who were pushing collectivism, gun control, and other leftist agendas because they made a deal with the Democrats for many years to be their spoilers. taking votes away from Republicans, even Ron and Rand Paul backed Republicans.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/carriesheffield/2013/11/10/who-will-be-the-next-libertarian-spoiler/#7363463f3dc6

Apparently, even Harvey Weinstein got in the act  https://www.theblaze.com/news/2013/11/05/revealed-obama-campaign-bundler-helping-fund-libertarian-in-tight-va-gubernatorial-race Maher would have Roger Stone on the show one week and trash him the next.  Stone would come on the show because he thought that Maher would be a solid ally in the fight for marijuana legalization.

However, Maher now is attacking Stone’s stones main broadcast partner Infowars, claiming that Alex Jones is grossly inflating Maher’s stated net worth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0pp9_AVU3g&




Let me put it to you this way, If Bill Maher wasn’t worth nine figures, then how could he afford a minority ownership stake in the New York Mets, one of the two Major League Ballclubs in New York City, the other being the Yankees.

With these revelations being put forward, There are several questions that need to be answered.  First, why did the Republican Party of Texas approve sanctioning an event at their convention that was underwritten/sponsored by entities that had George Soros and Bill Maher on their respective boards?  Did any of the RPT staff fact check this before the convention? On top of which one of the underwriters/sponsors was the Libertarian Party who as stated above-made deals with the Democrat Party to act as spoilers in tight elections.

So question two is why did the RPT allow a sanctioned event that was underwritten by their political rivals?  What is of interest was key staff terminations that took place the Monday after the RPT convention center such as operations director Rachael Malone.  Were these staff members responsible for the event being sanctioned by the RPT and was their termination partially a result of it? How much did RPT chairman James Dickey know of this information both before and after the convention? Especially with the allegations of known accounting irregularities by Dickey coming out on the convention floor by Dickey’s opponent Cindy Crocker Asche during the RPT chairman’s election.

The issues with a Soros operation infiltrating the Republican Party of Texas is one thing, Soros infiltrating the entire “end marijuana prohibition” movement is another.  The reality is that these Soros funded pot PACs do not want quick legalization of marijuana.  Think about it when a movement achieves its goals, the movement ceases to have any relevance.  There are so many people have their bills paid by the donors to marijuana PACs, and while a lot of the funding comes from big-ticket sugar-daddies such as Soros, a good portion comes from grassroots donors that think they’re donating their hard earned money for a good cause.

Would they still donate once marijuana is legalized?  The reality is many of the rank and file POT lobbyists who work for these PACs self-sabotage their efforts to legalize Marijuana to prolong making a living off the PACs donations.  So it should come as to no surprise that many of these Soros funded organizations view Roger Stone as an enemy since he makes no money off of Soros and is pushing for Marijuana legalization without the overhead of a PAC.  Roger is also pushing for universal legalization of natural Marijuana, not certain patented cannabis strains developed by Monsanto which has recently been purchased by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Also, keep in mind Monsanto has a history of suing independent farmers out of business for patent infringement when Monsanto’s crops would cross-pollinate victims farmers like a virus which allows the deep state to take over the agriculture industry.

There needs to be a lot of self-reflection in the liberty movement because too much of it has been co-opted by Deep State Oligarchs such as Soros.  Whether it’s the Marijuana movement, those that still identify as libertarians or think that one world digital cryptocurrencies are the answer, you all are sadly being led astray, because all fronts are either co-opted or in the case of cryptocurrencies nothing but a Trojan horse.

Instead of taring and feathering those that warn of going down those paths, listen to them.  Follow the Roger Stone path to Marijuana legalization, not the Soros “Drug Policy Alliance” Path.  Follow the hard money gold and silver path and not the one world digital fiat currency path who’s creators name “Shatoshi Nakamoto” translates to “Central Intelligence”   Finally follow the path of Nationalism and not anarchism that will only lead to globalism.  That is the only way to make life great again.

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