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Roger Stone Blasts Bogus Lawsuit Against Him and Trump

by Domain Admin

Last week, 7 Capitol Hill Police Officers filed a baseless harassment lawsuit falsely accusing President Trump and myself of endangering their as well as conspiring with others to deny their civil rights. They are pleading reads like a press release because that’s what it is; a desperate and delusional cry for attention in order to inflict the maximum public damage. The smart-ass left-wing lawyers lawyer who filed this have violated Rule 11 and should the case go forward I will not only prove it is with willful fraudulence, I will also seek sanctions against each of these lawyers. Additionally, formal complaints will be filed with the Bar Association in the states where they practice. This lawsuit is an abuse of our judicial system for political purposes and the perpetrators must be held responsible for this salacious publicity stunt.

This lawsuit filed against President Trump and I, by nasty leftist lawyers with political, not legal motives, is a textbook example of lawfare. The filing of baseless lawsuits is an effective form of political harassment because it requires those targeted to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend themselves in court. I know personally how debilitating and expensive it is to fight off these attacks.

This is only one of 15 malicious civil lawsuits filed against me since I was first targeted in the politically motivated and ethically corrupt Mueller investigation. The fake news media, who continue to insist that I was a Russian asset and a WikiLeaks collaborator, furthered the damage to my reputation.

When the long redacted sections of the Special Counsel’s final report were made public, only by court order, Mueller was forced to admit that he had “no factual evidence” connecting me to Russian Collusion, WikiLeaks collaboration, or the phishing of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s embarrassing emails. This revelation was directly contrary to the relentless claims of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, POLITICO, and The Washington Post.

Now the very same media outlets and leftist agitators who baselessly that I was a traitor continue to insist that I was involved in, if not the mastermind of, the politically counterproductive and illegal acts at the Capitol on January 6. Even the premise of this frivolous civil suit is deeply flawed. I never instructed anyone to hurt people at the Capitol, let alone a police officer, on Jan 6 or at any other time, nor did I conspire to deprive anyone of their civil rights. The lawsuit is therefore without merit and lacks the factual basis to include me. I have to assume, therefore, that my name was added for clickbait plus as a peace offering to satisfy the blood lust of drooling leftists on Twitter. This crowd was most disappointed by the Reuters report last week, which quoted a high-level FBI source, who said they have no evidence against me in the illegal events of January 6. The Reuters report completely debunks the sustained effort by ABC News to utilize “guilt by association” to falsely tie me to the politically counterproductive and illegal acts at the Capitol on January 6th.

Let me say it again, any statement, claim, insinuation, or report alleging, or even implying, that I had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the commission of any unlawful acts by any person or group in or around the U.S. Capitol or anywhere in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021, is categorically false. There is no evidence to the contrary nor any witness who can truthfully and honestly testify differently. Period.

This harassment lawsuit comes on the heels of a deeply flawed but sensationalized civil complaint in which the Biden DOJ implies that my wife and I have evaded taxes or otherwise hidden assets from the government. That legal complaint is stunning in its dishonesty and I look forward to proving in a Miami Courtroom that every single assertion by the government in their complaint it’s not only wrong but that prosecutors have defrauded the court in every single claim. Again sanctions by the court will be in order.

Both of this groundless and unsubstantiated lawsuit is designed to drain my family financially at a time that my wife is battling stage 4 cancer, and I am fighting 12 other harassment lawsuits filed by a crank lawyer. The two-year struggle of being vilified, smeared, framed, gagged, lynched, terrorized, attack, sentenced to almost certain death, censored, de-platformed, bankrupted, threatened, and ultimately pardoned despite being canceled by the same jackals who never reported my vindication in Mueller’s hidden final report. They will never stop, and through the strength of God, neither will I.

Americans who want to help Roger and Nydia Stone in their epic struggle against the deep state can go to www.RogerStoneLegalDefenseFund.com

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navin solomon September 2, 2021 - 7:50 am

I am sure Roger Stone jr and President Trump will triump over these evil people who have destroyed American heritage partly.
Sir you should bring Trump on your show on this website and this will be real treat for your supporters and voters which includes me.
Something to rival show on HBO by liberals like Bill maher who attack Trump always.

tyronne September 2, 2021 - 8:09 am

Trump voters instead just protesting should instead take direct action by sending messages to Attorneys and Federal offices. This is only best solution to get Supreme court to turn over election2020 in favor of President Trump.
This is my suggestion. there are more than 70 million who voted for Trump. they must do this

john solomon September 3, 2021 - 1:39 pm

Suggestion for Roger Stone show (web only streaming)

We need to make a sustainable effort to defeat enemies i.e. Bush/biden spies network
as explained this is what you should do. start have a tv show on web. study Bill maher HBO show. i dont watch it now as he is a Liberal mouth piece. but the show is great with great participants including politicians, authors etc.
Ask President Trump to invest in this Roger stone TV show. A few $$ million is not much for Trump especially since this is an investment.
later in a few years you can get netflix or hulu to stream the show. they will pay you millions if they take the deal.

ford September 4, 2021 - 1:07 pm

How to take Social media facebook to court and win the case.
Mr stone please check this website ACLU. org they recently won a case against a mayor in rhode island who blocked some users.
ACLy site has many such cases.

stewart william September 7, 2021 - 11:23 am

A few more important point about NEwsmaxtv and infowars.
I looked up David icke. he has a great website and lot of movies he has produced. however he too is suffering from the same fear psychosis of ‘avoiding mainstream media.’ but an aunt betha and her friends wont avoid mainstream media for your sake. you need to reach out to them
we are making Globalist happy by this negative fearful attitude. Even your followers and patrons must see you on Tv. this is what i call being spies against spies. yes else Liberals and Globalist will continue to fear monger.
people have TVs not roku and chrome books. so the people who should know what you all do at infowars and stonecoldtruth see only TV. if they know you have a program on tv it it is only a beginning in the fight. we can level with these thugs and Liberals only by finding ways to be seen on mainstream media TV.
for example so many channels can play david icke videos. as not all his videos are controversial – he can try history channel, nat geo, hallmark and of course newsmax. so also with infowars.

colin powell September 9, 2021 - 6:29 am

There is hope. max keiser is on Rt tv. this is the best TV network to expose Globalist fraud to the average american.
RT bureau in d.c. has excellent programs. need i say anymore

william conrad September 13, 2021 - 10:38 am

The number one enemy is Hillary Clinton. This dirty women is behind all the law suits, impeachment. She will therefore even sl.ep with even frenemies to finish off her rivals. worth noting here that she has already slept with Biden and Obama including B D action. she has to finished off
Suggested names for The Roger Stone Show. something that gets maximum attention will make this show successful. Conservatives Ideal* People be Damned In god we Trust No one to depend on
or some Latin expression rodeo cowboy phrases will be suited for the show as it is purely an American made show.

The best network to broadcast will be RT tv. as it has more reach and credibility is there. newsmax is also fine.
RT has many so called conpsirasists on their shows. for example their show Redacted, the keiser report are just like infowars show. out and out extreme views.


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