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Stone Prosecutor Claims Stone Got “Special Treatment”

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One day before Aaron Zelinsky, the number 2 prosecutor in the Roger Stone case is set to testify before a congressional committee, he leaked his planned testimony to news outlets and it’s chock-full of hysterical hearsay, but provides no actual facts or evidence to support the assertion that Stone was given ‘special treatment” or that the prosecutors were pressured by either acting DC US Attorney Timothy Shea or US Attorney General Bill Barr.

Zelinsky, who poses as a “non-political career line prosecutor” served more time representing Hillary Clinton at the State Department than he has at DOJ. Zelinsky is facing an ethics complaint for misconduct in his efforts to obtain the testimony of a former Stone associate Andrew Miller, and claims his former boss heard that his boss heard that top DOJ officials were getting “pressure from the top.”

Zelinsky and the gang of dirty cops who prosecuted Stone have repeatedly said they got permission to recommend a draconian 7-9 year sentence. However, Fox News has learned that this is a lie and that they did not seek recommendations or approval from the top brass before Stone’s sentencing hearing. In fact the gang of four blindsided their superiors and then resigned to peddle the false narrative that their recommendation had been rejected because “Roger Stone was a friend of the President,” in an effort to cause a fire storm and discredit Attorney General Barr.

“What I heard — repeatedly — was that Roger Stone was being treated differently from any other defendant because of his relationship to the president,” the prosecutor, Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, said in a written opening statement submitted on Tuesday to the House Judiciary Committee ahead of Wednesday’s hearing. A copy was obtained by The New York Times.

As Stone’s case came to the sentencing phase, its underhanded prosecutors reportedly lied to senior DOJ officials and “browbeat” the newly-appointed US Attorney for D.C. in order to file a sentencing memorandum recommending that Stone receive seven to nine years incarceration as a non-violent first-time offender on charges of non-violent process crimes.

The draconian punishment recommendation was a radical departure from standard DOJ sentencing recommendation practices and immediately sparked public outrage. In fact federal guidelines would have indicated an 18-month sentence for the 67 year old veteran operative Republican strategist, who first urged Donald Trump to seek the Presidency in 1988. The actual career prosecutors who took over the Stone case won a 40-month sentence. Where was the lenience Zelinsky alleges?

The manipulative sleight of hand used to put together additional prison time for Stone were based on charges he had neither been charged nor convicted of. For example, Mueller dirty cop Zelinsky and the DOJ Obama hold-overs prosecuting Stone’s case said the publication of Stone’s book The Myth of Russian Collusion, which was critical of the Mueller Investigation, violated the constitutionally questionable gag order put on Stone by Judge Amy Berman Jackson on February 12, 2019… except the official publication date of Stone’s book was February 9, 2016.

The Gang of Four also sought to increase Stone’s sentence for “threatening a federal Judge” based on a media frenzy where the facts got lost in a feeding frenzy of fake news.

“I once posted a graphic of Judge Jackson on my Instagram feed that had in the upper left corner the logo of the organization that created it, Corruption Central. Someone at Buzzfeed decided the logo looked like a crosshair on a rifle and accused me of threatening to kill the judge. Lost in the immediate fake news feeding frenzy? The fact that this same logo appears in the same place on other images of individuals that Corruption Central had publicly criticized, including Mark Zuckerberg and Kalama Harris.”

By the time the fake news media conflagration was over, this story became “Roger Stone posted a picture of Judge Amy Berman Jackson with a cross-hairs over her face.” Upon being summoned to Washington to explain this matter on the stand, under withering and accusatory cross-examination by both the judge and Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Kravis, Stone said the following.

“I apologize to the Court for posting an image that was open to misinterpretation. It was not my intention to threaten anyone.”

Mueller’s team then subpoenaed three young Stone associates who were helping his defense efforts and dragged them before the grand jury in Washington, where Assistant US Attorney Michael Morando browbeat them to falsely “admit” that they had overheard Stone say that he planned to harm Judge Jackson! All three refused to lie, this GP reporter included. The prosecutors would dredge this allegation, “Stone threatened to kill a federal Judge“ as if it was a undisputed fact in their overreaching sentencing memo, recommending a harsh 7-9 year sentence.

In a final touch, Zelinsky and his band of pirates implied falsely in their sentencing memo that Stone was involved in “foreign interference in our election,” bringing their entirely fraudulent investigation into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign full circle. No evidence of this, of course, could be found.

Zelinsky’s conduct throughout Stone’s case was pompous, arrogant and abusive as if was drunk with power. This reporter has confirmed accounts of Zelinsky bullying witnesses and threatening their lawyers, among the 19 Stone associates dragged before the Grand Jury.

“I am the Government,” Zelinsky bellowed during long time Stone friend Mike Caputo’s trip to the interrogation room. None of the Stone associates were charged or called as witnesses.

Zelinsky, who aided and abetted his fellow prosecutors in hiding exculpatory evidence and ignoring at least three exculpatory witnesses who testified that former New York Leftist radio host to had divulged to them, one of them in writing, who stated that Creidco told him he was indeed the source of Stone’s simple knowledge that the Wikileaks disclosures on Hillary Clinton were coming. The group’s publisher Julian Assange announced in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper that he had “political kryptonite” and would that it be released in October. Credico’s prediction to Stone turned out to be correct on both counts.

Zelinsky and the his fellow Trump-hating partisans also chose to ignore 30 pages of text messages that Credico failed to turn over to the Mueller Team, but that Stone’s lawyers gave to the prosecutors voluntarily when the discovered the exculpatory texts were not among the three terabytes of evidence taken from Stone’s Computer, lap-top and cell phone. The texts prove that Credico was indeed the source of Stone’s tweets saying the material to be released by Wikileaks was explosive.

As we have reported, Stone has been ordered by the Bureau of Prisons to present himself to a COVID-19 infested Georgia prison on June 30th.  At 67 and with asthma problems, Stone’s a prime target for the virus and the death rate for those his age and with pre-existing conditions is considerable. But a death sentence for refusing to bear false witness against President Trump and the failure to agree to spread conspiracy theories cooked up by prosecutors is simply not enough for Aaron Zelinsky. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, who issued the invite to Zelinsky, is laughably treating him as a whistleblower. His entire narrative regarding the bogus and overly harsh sentencing memo and his departure from the Stone case is false.

Aaron Zelinsky says in the advance statement, that he leaked prior to his testimony, that Stone received “special treatment.” Reached at his Florida home, Stone said the following.

“He’s absolutely right. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Ohr, Rosenstein and even Mueller himself all lied to Congress about material things and none were prosecuted. I made misstatements during my voluntary testimony that were immaterial, and hid no underlying crime, thus they were made without intent or motive. I was charged and convicted in a totally rigged DC trial with a biased judge and a corrupt Jury forewoman. I definitely got special treatment.”

Not only is this type of behavior from Zelinsky a demonstration of his severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s highly illegal. Lying before congress, the charge he prosecuted Stone for is also illegal. However, we shouldn’t hold our breath that a Democrat lead House Committee or an Obama infested DOJ will do anything about Zelinsky’s lies tomorrow.

You can help support Roger’s fight to clear his name and obtain true justice by clicking here.

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