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By Saint John Hunt

In this age of too many choices, the fate of America comes to rest as it always has upon a choice of two.  For the sake of a serious evaluation I do not include our third candidate.  What I am left with is of course the amateur, Donald Trump and the professional, Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump is clearly an amateur when it comes to some of the more refined qualities of which most of our Presidents (with the exception of Bush #2) excelled in.  I’m talking about the language of politics or as some call it, ‘double speak’.  In a nation that is used to hearing the ultra eloquence and endless declarations of Obama, we accuse Mr. Trump of his blatant disregard for verbal protocol.  Shocking we say!  However when we look at Obama’s overwhelming verbiage we must ask ourselves, “what has it accomplished?”  The answer is a resounding “not much.”

If Mr. Trump be guilty of less than slick speaking, so be it.  I for one am tired of the art of political ‘double speak’.  It is a welcome change when a man can speak in layman’s jargon.  Trump won’t be coached in slippery vocalizations, he speaks an ordinary and seemingly rare form of communication: ‘plain speak’. In days long gone we had President Truman who was a plain speaking man.  In some sense he was also unskilled at political ‘double speak’.  Ah, but those were different times when life was simpler but no less dangerous.  The reason Mr. Trump continues to gain followers is simply because he speaks to the average man and woman, with simple words unfettered by eloquence and flowery vocalizations.  In other words, a purer, unrefined, language.  In the deep back corridors of Washington’s power elite (of which Hillary Clinton is a member of) this is a threatening situation.  Don’t forget that action speaks louder than words.  Mr. Trump’s words and actions will eventually be somewhat tempered by the governing bodies whose job it is to work with the President in all capacities.  This would be the Congress and Senate.  If our government is functioning properly those three institutions will find the checks and balances that make this country so great.  Now for an evaluation of the professional; Hillary Clinton.

What more can be said of someone who has spent the last forty-five years crawling her way to the pinnacle of power?  She is tenacious if anything.  As a junior investigator during Nixon’s impeachment proceedings she was expelled for unethical practices.  As First Lady of the Governor of Arkansas she was involved in fraudulent land deals and illegal fund raising tactics.  As Senator from New York, she accomplished zero in terms of following through with the promises she made.  As Secretary of State she lied about her actions during the Benghazi scandal, and  used her position to fill the coffers of her foundation with millions of dollars from foreign countries, some of which were in serious violation of human rights.  As the First Lady she cost the American tax payer $32 million in her disastrous Health Care fiasco, accomplishing nothing.  As presidential candidate, she claims ignorance in the emails marked with a letter ‘C’   for ‘classified’.  Oh the list is too long.

The amateur, or the professional?  If for no other reason, I would vote for Mickey Mouse than to reward Mrs. Clinton for her lifetime achievement of criminal behavior.

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