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The crime Steve Bannon was accused of had nothing to do with Donald Trump or the Trump campaign. He stole $1 million from small-dollar donors who thought they were trying to build the wall. Bannon has been a less than loyal ally of the president, even openly discussing a challenge or an effort to succeed Trump himself in the White House. 

The progenitor of hobo chic, Bannon actually chases down hobos to get their clothes. The rest is dumpster diving. A little hot water and soap wouldn’t hurt either.

Because I am a Christian I bear Steve Bannon no ill even though we now know his testimony against me was contradicted by his House Intelligence Committee testimony (which was classified at the time of my trial) and based on the final unredacted sections of the Mueller investigation released Nov 3, 2020, we know he perjured himself on the stand. 

Corrupt Prosecutors in my case had an obligation under the Giglio Supreme Court decision to tell my defense attorneys that Bannon was under federal investigation (which a simple reading of his indictment proves he was at that time) but they did not do so. This information could’ve been used to impeach Bannon on the stand. 

Steve accused Donald Trump Jr. of treason and said Mueller would crack the younger Trump like an egg. Bannon assured everyone that Trump’s impeachment for alleged Russian collusion was imminent. Sloppy Steve was the source of two books by Michael Wolfe both of which extol the genius of Steve Bannon as well as denigrating the President. 

Steve referred to the Trump real estate organization as a “criminal enterprise”. He also sent substantial negative information regarding Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to Mueller, acting as an informant. 

The leaders of the conservative parties in Europe that he has met with uniformly tell me he’s a buffoon. 

Sadly our president granted a pardon to someone recommended by Rod Rosenstein (who offered to wear a wire to entrap the president in a 25th amendment scheme) and then adding insult to injury the president gave a pass to perjurer and grifter Steve Bannon. 

Bannon will be charged with money laundering along with another foreign-born individual soon, so in the end, his pardon by President Trump will not spare him from the incarceration he so richly deserves. 

Content retrieved from: https://stonecoldtruth.com/bannon-pardon/.

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