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California politician Adam B. Schiff, perhaps the most deceitful con-man and political huckster ever elected to the US Congress, yesterday charged that I perjured myself in my testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in their empty-handed effort to prove, or find anything even close to, collusion between the Trump Campaign and unspecified Russian state actors.

Mr. Schiff continues to hide behind his Congressional immunity in making serial defamatory statements about me. Until or unless this one-man Russian collusion falsehood machine will put his money where his dishonest partisan mouth is and step up to substantiate his bald, baseless claims in a court of law, answering a defamation action he has so righteously warranted, I am left to respond to his increasingly-desperate and logically-incoherent media ploys repeating the same facts that have been demolishing Schiff’s constantly shifting false narrative since he first concocted it almost two years ago.

If Mr. Schiff refers to the Twitter direct messages between a Wikileaks spokesperson and me, which one of Schiff’s abetters, if not Schiff himself, leaked to a dishonest Atlantic story writer who then quite falsely portrayed them as some sort of “news”, these perfunctory messages only prove, yet again, that I had no collaboration with Wikileaks, received no material from them and knew nothing specific about documents they had obtained or their plans to release them. Moreover, I turned these documents over myself last September to the Committee.

If the flailing Mr. Schiff refers to e-mails referenced in the Wall Street Journal last month, in a particularly disingenuous, if not misleading, article by Shelby Holliday that intentionally mischaracterized their import, the messages in question were never presented to the Intelligence Committee because they simply did not meet the precisely-worded criteria stated in the Committee’s document request, which Mr. Schiff himself co-signed.

Much as I am sure Mr. Schiff would prefer that I hand over every communication, document or record I have ever possessed, for he and his partisan cohorts to scour in a mad search for anything Schiff could cherry-pick and unethically, if not illegally, leak as it suits his underhanded partisan agenda, the fact is that none of these documents (which Schiff has repeatedly and falsely alleged that I somehow withheld) were responsive to Schiff’s own very-explicit document request.

Adam Schiff’s casual leveling of such grave, yet totally baseless, accusations against me, as has been his wont for well over a year, amounts to just more of Schiff’s dishonest, outrageous manipulation in cheap service to his  nefarious partisan ulterior motives.

Mr. Schiff’s false assertions that I failed to turn over documents which he knows full well I had no obligation to produce, do not become any less false merely because Schiff’s deceitful Russian collusion narrative has been disintegrating and devolving to the point that Schiff is wildly casting about for any sort of allegation he can manufacture to garner himself a little more media coverage to recycle his sordid Russian collusion hoax for the umpteenth time, once again without no evidence to back any of it up.

Schiff stated publicly that he had seen “significant evidence” of Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign in the 2016 election. What Schiff has failed to produce, or even describe with any more detail than his general allegation, is an iota of this evidence, or anything close to evidence.

I say Adam Schiff is a manipulative liar and leaker whose serial falsehoods and repetitive defamatory allegations demand scrutiny by the House of Representatives Committee on Ethics, if not investigation by federal law enforcement officials for what may well be criminal perjury by Schiff himself.

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