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Karl Rove is Brett Kavanaugh

Needless to say, I will support any candidate selected by President Trump for the Supreme Court. That said, I have grave reservations that Judge Brett Kavanagh is another David Souter or John Roberts- both of whom were appointed by Bush presidents and both of whom joined the liberal block on the court on key issues where their decisions hurt America.

Put aside the question of whether Clinton lawyer Vince Foster was murdered or died by his own hand; there is substantial credible evidence that Foster’s body was moved and that prosecutor Brett Kavanaugh ran a veritable terror campaign against an inconvenient witness who’s honest testimony would contradict the findings of the Special Counsel for home Kavanaugh worked.

The tactics Kavanaugh used on this witness, Patrick Knowlton, include bullying, intimidation, witness tampering, and surveillance. Does a man who engages in these types of abuse of power have the temperament for the US Supreme Court?

Mr. Knowlton’s extensively detailed and documented lawsuit over his treatment at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh can be found online.

I recognize that my critics will yell “conspiracy theorist“ because of the many questions that continue to be asked about Foster’s death. However, the conduct of Brett Kavanaugh at that time is a relevant matter for confirmation hearings and certain to be controversial in a situation in which the president needs no distracting controversy.

Senator Rand Paul has indicated that he would have problems voting to confirm Kavanaugh and if you assume that Collins and Murkowski will also abandon Kavanaugh over his abortion position, the loss of three Republicans makes the arithmetic much harder to do for a Kavanaugh confirmation.

Add to this the fact that Karl Rove is Kavanaugh’s political godfather and that it is Rove and his other DC minions who have planted the stories about the “inevitability” of Kavanaugh appointment – essentially trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy and this can be seen as a Bush power play.

The other candidates on the President’s list are better choices than Kavanaugh. I had hoped that the conservative block of the court would have a libertarian wing, but that does not appear to be in the cards yet. Kethledge is the most Gorsuch-like regarding confirmability.

Above all, I pray that the president avoids the error of appointing a Bush follower.

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