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Trump’s New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

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While President Trump has accomplished much in his first year, 2018 needs to be twice as YUGE.

By Jacob Engels

2017 was a year of many accomplishments for President Trump; stock market highs, tax cuts, and tossing out regulatory barriers that were holding us back.

Trump has always been a “big-picture” leader and his performance in this first year proves that he is sticking to his core. However, a lot of the accomplishments he made in 2017 won’t really take effect until 2018.

That means he will face even more obstacles each and every year as his presidency progresses. Not only will he have to fight off the media and political establishment over new goals, he will also have make sure the progress he has made is not rolled back or dilluted.

He can accomplish that by continuing to sell those big-picture ideas aggressively to the American people. Here’s our take on what President Trump should focus on in 2018. (Email your ideas to stone@stonecoldtruth.com).

1). Stop Jeff Sessions From Undoing Marijuana Reform: Each new day we are reminded that Jeff Sessions has not arrested Hillary Clinton. Instead, Mr. Sessions has pondered crackdowns on states with recreational and medicinal marijuana. This is the exact opposite of what President Trump promised us he would do if elected. He said he was in favor of states rights and praised the medical applications of the plant. It has provided jobs, increased tax revenue, and a legal alternative treatment for people with addiction problems and severe illnesses. President Trump either needs to fire Sessions for continually opposing his campaign promises on marijuana, or get Sessions to announce publicly that he will not be focusing any Justice Department resources on marijuana crackdowns.

2). Solve The Opioid Crisis: Addiction can snatch ANYONE. Often times during his campaign stops in the Midwest, Trump promised to end the opioid epidemic and doing so would be an epic accomplishment remembered for generations. It would show the whole world the compassion and love Trump has in his heart for other people, they would have to recognize his humanity. More importantly, it is the right thing to do. In order to accomplish this goal, Trump should seriously evaluate marijuana as a means to help addicts get clean. National funding for Naloxone, an opioid overdose reverseal medication, would help lower the death rate for those who overdose on the drug.

3). Build The Wall Progress Report: President Trump’s team has already narrowed down proposals to the top eight, and Trump has stated that he will personally inspect the prototypes and pick the “right one.” With the horrific verdict in the Kate Steinle murder case, Americans will want to see construction begin aggressively in the New Year. We are sick of illegal immigrants murdering, raping, and harming Americans. In addition to building the wall, Trump must withold federal funding from cities promoting themselves as safehavens for illegal immigrants.

President Donald Trump is capable of doing everything above and more. His supporters bet big on his campaign, and we want to help him do that with our continued investment and support.

The only thing we ask in return is that he remain steadfast in Making America Great Again.

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