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TUCKER CARLSON SHOW: Roger Stone on being a Mueller target

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For those of us that are old enough to remember, way back in 1973-4, the democrats had the copyright on political morality. They indeed seemed to be the gauge by which our country, in the deepest throes of political upheaval were holding on to the very principals that our forefathers had fought and died for.

Fast forward to current times; what I see is the democrats engaged in the single most unconstitutional and morally bankrupt witch hunt in modern times. What a long and winding road downhill for a party that presumed to accept the honors bestowed upon them for saving us from the evils of Richard Nixon.

I offer as an example the continuing attacks on Roger Stone from the morally and ethically bankrupt Mueller investigation. After what seems like an eternity of accusations and theories regarding the charge that Trump colluded with Russian agents, there has not been one single shred of evidence to support the continuation of what is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars for this investigation. Stone, a longtime political consultant and personal friend of Trump is brought once again to the chopping block in Mueller’s kangaroo court.

Tucker Carlson has reported that other news outlets have called Stone a “top subject” of Mueller’s investigation. This is not the first time Stone has been accused and this is not the first time that the investigation will reach a dead end because Roger Stone is not and has never colluded with Russian agents on Trump’s or anyone else’s behalf. This has all been investigated before and Stone has testified to his innocence.

Calling the probe a fairytale and nick naming it the “Russian collusion delusion” Stone on Tucker Carlson’s FOX show made a strong case that the democrats have zero evidence yet they continually drag “suspects” in front of the news media and levy accusations without providing evidence. This, to me, is what Russia looked like during the terror reign of Stalin. What has happened to innocent until proven guilty? How long will Mueller drag our country through his paranoid and one sided investigations? How many more persons will be forced to bear the burden of his costly accusations? This is a tactic to break a man; bury him in legal costs just so he can exonerate himself.

The democrats have slid deeper into what they once considered the Nixon crimes. They have become what they once warned us about. Sad, but true.

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