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Twitter Bans Stone: Bring Him Back, SIGN OUR PETITION

by Domain Admin

After a weekend of epic and blunt truth-telling about CNN reporters, the censorship police at Twitter have banned the official Roger Stone account. He exposed their hypocrisy on the Russia collusion hoax, and questioned the intelligence of on-air talent like Don Lemon and the dreadful Ana Navarro.

He said what we were all thinking, courageous enough to hold these scum accountable for their lies about President Trump and the millions of Americans who put him in the White House.


The ban, pushed by insane leftists Keith Olbermann, was originally supposed to last a little over three hours, but has been extended to a PERMANENT BAN, according to several news outlets.

However, thousands of Twitter users are petitioning Twitter HQ to reinstate Stone, citing examples of Olberman’s deranged tirades at President Trump and other conservatives. Use #GetMeRogerStone to join the cause.

You see, free speech is a right that the alt/tech left only want for themselves. Thankfully, according to Politico, Mr. Stone will be pursuing legal action against Twitter.

We know where the enemy stands, and now we need to know where the #GetMeRogerStone army stands.

By adding your name to our petition and sharing on your social media accounts, Roger will have no doubt about your loyalty and dedication to free-speech, a constitutional right.


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