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When the BLOCKED Trend

by Domain Admin

It is amazing how obsessed the left can be with simultaneously de-platforming people while simultaneously talking about them. There is no better example of this than the vile mob of blood-thirsty liberals on Twitter. I have been banned on Twitter since October of 2017, and yet I have lost count of how many times I have been trending since then. The reason for this last flurry of news coverage is that I was served with ANOTHER bogus lawsuit while Live on Air with Jim Hoft on “Tomorrow’s News Today.”

In some ways, this is the only way for the Left to make their propaganda effective. If I was still on the platform I could defend myself from the foolish lies they tell incessantly in order to portray me as the convicted felon they wish I was.

It is not just the brainwashed, kool-aid-drinking, idiots on Twitter that take advantage of my inability to fight back. The scum in the media also takes advantage of this contrived opportunity.

Bart Jensen for USA Today wrote a piece on the dramatic way I was served in the latest baseless lawsuit on Monday,

Roger Stone, the political operative who was convicted of obstructing an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and then pardoned by former President Donald Trump, was served with a lawsuit dealing with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot while chatting live on the radio.

Stone was talking about Trump campaigning in 2024 on “Real Talk 93.3” radio in St. Louis when a process server arrived with the papers, according to a tweet with the recording posted by former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski.

They were far from the only ones who got in on the action. Newsweek’s Andre Ellington wrote,

Ex-Trump advisor Roger Stone was served legal papers live on the air during a radio interview for his alleged role in the January 6 capitol riots.

On Wednesday, during an appearance on the Real Talk 93.3 radio show in St. Louis, Missouri, Stone was interrupted while answering a question regarding Trump’s run in the forthcoming 2024 election.

The news of the latest fraudulent lawsuit against me even traveled across the pond. The British, Independent, reported on this latest attack. All of the talk surrounding the political persecution I have suffered at the hands of the Department of Justice as well as progressive corporate lawyers, both of whom have been encouraged by the fake news media, yet I am unable to defend myself.

While #RogerStone was trending on Twitter, the media hacks were spinning the story to represent me in a false light even as fallacious lawsuits were filed against me, that same platform prevents me from speaking to these issues.

It is notable that none of the media coverage with the exception of the Washington Examiner contains my position that this lawsuit is baseless, groundless unsubstantiated, and void of any evidence or proof whatsoever of its incendiary claims. They act as if everything asserted in the lawsuit is a fact. None of them, with the exception of the Washington Post, make any effort to contact me and ask me for a statement or to comment.

In other words, the cycle of negative publicity is exactly what the plaintiff’s lawyers planned based their complaint which is written in the style of an overheated Press release rather than a legal pleading -devoid of any evidence or proof of their explosive charges it is a fraud upon the Court.

Although this is just one example of the problems faced This is why we created Stone Cold Truth. Big Tech is now unable to deplatform me for speaking the truth about the election, January 6th defendants, Anthony Blinken’s already disgraceful tenure as Secretary of State, or any of the secrets of the political cabal they want to hide.

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It is clear that the midterm elections may be our last chance to save our great country. We cannot wait for 2024. In order for our cause to succeed we need to have a clear plan in front of us. This is why I created a 4-step plan in order to give us the best chance to Make America Great Again.

Meanwhile, the legal fees my wife and I face are staggering. Patriots who want to help us can go to stonedefensefund.com

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